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speed read (17), Speed read (4), Audio book (3), boring (3), short stories (2), audio book (2), murdered by friend years later (1), Guy chases werewolves in the Adirondacks . (1), including ditching this book (1), Coben writes the same book for a 10th time (1), Girl runs to keep secret (1), Child gets in car (1), 55 ideas to minimize your life (1), you will never be safe from hacking (1), live in same architectural house (1), at different times (1), Two women (1), Alien sneaks into guy's body (1), trains him to be a assassin. (1), Rape surviver helps girl in foster home (1), Try as you might (1), Girl starves herself in Catholic Ireland (1), insites boredum (1), Silk road founder (1), including my interest (1), Speed read. Swedish killer buries people (1), Husband pretends to die in airplane crash (1), smuggles money. (1), suit-wearing side kick (1), Fun. Detective looks for lost kid with psycho (1), Reincarnated boy is still an undeveloped chactern just like with past life (1), Scientist uses souls to make energy in Russia (1), evil poems (1), super boring (1), who cares what else happened (1), Speed read - book insites men (1), something about a ghost doctor (1), maybe goat doctor (1), Actress pretends to fall in love the catch murder (1), Story of Buddha (1), her family killed (1), priest helps gang (1), how to break 'um (1), how to make 'um (1), Title says it all (1), Myers Briggs test book (1), mental handicapped guy in MT (1), Robots take over and force everyone to be a cliche of lazy writing (1), Girl inherits fortune in lawless city (1), Lady psychic tricked by kid (1), Speed read - People ask science questions (1), Girl kept in coffin after kidnap (1), 1st Amy co-read (1), Amy co-read (1), Kid almost drowns in backyard fountain (1), Rich Guy takes limo to get haircut (1), Man's parents are cryogenicly frozen (1), other guy in desert (1), guy watches movie slowed down to show ove 24 hours (1), Amy Schumer book (1), aliens put black hole bombs under sea floor (1), including me (1), girl falls in love but no one (1), Earth slowing (1), Read for Ben freshman class (1), People splice video onto video tapes (1), Speed read - Lincoln hunts vampires but otherwise just bores people (1), People hunt homeless folks (1), now in foster care (1), Bro and sis kill bad parents (1), has affair to stop loneliness (1), bored with life (1), Married Swiss woman (1), people from future US visit 1860's US as tourists (1), woman's husband steal child (1), Girl hikes PCT to find herself (1), she talks to media (1), Ladies son dies (1), control humans via telecommunications (1), Earth put in "bag" (1), kids killed in plastic bags (1), Lady's family on the run (1), time goes fast. Read book (1), not CD (1), Title says it (1), travel to different lives (1), Woman has regrets (1), everything stops working during super bowl (1), guy lives in woods for 27 years (1), travel via memories into past (1), Lady makes chair (1), Aliens share a body with a lady (1), Backyard bird book (1), Stories from Simpson writer (1), Kim Jun Un (1), Video game sherpa (1), now doesn't it (1), girl sleepwalks (1), carrie fisher ran out of stories (1), cop still does his job (1), earth about to explode (1), girl lives in bubble (1), mom lied (1), BIG book of sutta (1), shes OK (1), lots of boring pages follow (1), guys revolt (1), talks of ESP. Would be 4 starts without ESP part (1), Michael Crichton travels (1), mom shows up (1), Beck weathers (1), story seems privlidged (1), FINISHED APRIL 30 lady remembers dead friend from being sex slave. Cops mean to her. (1), Spanish coloring book (1), Guy build robot version of dead wife (1), Murder during the troubles (1), artist sits in MoMA (1), monsters make you crazy when seeing them l (1), Lady blindfolds self (1), stares at people for 3 months (1), Our second publication (1), Daughter runs away (1), First thing published by "company" (1), first one done by class (1), grandad did it (1), dad kidnaps own baby (1), People and trees are connected (1), dullness ensues (1), alien spores live in space (1), Huh? Thank God it's short (1), I have no idea what it's about (1), floats away (1), guy loses weight (1), mom kills boyfriend. (1), many short graphs (1), Audio book. Giant alien robot found (1), speed listen. Mostly his life (1), IRA informant (1), told in interviews (1), falls in love with college roommate. (1), Lady travel in time to stop end of world (1), added a lot of new stories (1), alchohlic gets his come-upings in love (1), mindfulness and metta (1), Bee flies around zoo (1), crayon learns to be ok with himself (1), Girl writes about white and dead sister. strange (1), finds friends (1), Guy heard sounds in desert (1), Read at IMS (1), breaks all his bones (1), look for lost mom (1), Speed read - guide to meditation (1), Life after divorce (1), Post modern fiction (1), burned down house (1), cat in library (1), I don't care (1), Interrogation place finds video of Bhutto bombing (1), becomes Muslim (1), Twilight author (1), molested (1), read in India (1), solves crime. (1), finds old Chinese scientist on mountain. (1), Shan Tao Yun 5. Shan tries to stop execution (1), Shan Tao Yun 6. Murders near Mt. Everest. More plot (1), not as much color. (1), Viesturs picture book (1), Entity in cyber space (1), memoir growing up (1), crazy family stories (1), man is sponge for other people's problems (1), 1st audiobook (1), switch passports (1), Multiple personalites (1), house in his head (1), dad on doomed sub (1), gus goes to Antarctica (1), hockey player smuggled out of russia (1), lady calls husband (1), Time traveler goes to party for multiple himselvs (1), typical coben story (1), lady kills man who killed her father (1), man feels no pain (1), alt history of 9/11 (1), dug addicts fight zombies (1), secret pages from prez (1), Shan Tao Yun 4. Try to save son from prison. (1), Shan Tao Yun 1. Shan in prison (1), coloring book (1), drunk (1), spy novel (1), title says it all (1), cat drawings (1), blog (1), Oatmeal (1), husband killed (1), stock market (1), diplomat (1), cult (1), fairy (1), book three (1), short story (1), pointless (1), short book (1), self help (1), dad (1), England (1), three women (1), Reread (1), Graphic novel (1), bought in Ireland (1), girl poet (1), Shan Tao Yun 3. Accompany artifact to mountain with caravan. (1), all alone (1), Women (1), Coloring book (1), falls in love (1), bad marriage (1), Gave up (1), Student book (1), cares (1), neat idea (1), short sayings (1), Carrie Fisher's life (1), fights nine beings (1), tries to get back wife (1), Guy delusional (1), Fringe digital communities (1), Animals turn against humans (1), People reveal secrets (1), Woman has Alzheimer's (1), Speed read - Guy strangules people (1), Father times helps two people (1), speed read - guy kills people (1), Kids in wayward home for bad kids (1), story of man who fell in love with a tree. (1), man won't talk in Japenese prison (1), lady sees gods while on drugs (1), women enslaved by sex toys (1), Tibetans light themselves on fire (1), see murder from train (1), Kid trapped in library (1), Team travels to area x (1), strange part of country (1), People rehabilitated in villages after thoughts of killing themselves (1), Monster chases people in the arctic (1), Doorway into multiple universes (1), First rule (1), don't review fight club (1), Murder during hens night (1), good parts suffering (1), Guy trapped on mars (1), Man visits dolphin hotel (1), People locked in their bodies (1), read for first book club (1), Machine makes people crazy (1), use robots (1), not a thriller (1), mummy curse (1), Look for tomb in swamp (1), solider back in time after dying (1), guy connects with HS friends who cut him off (1), guy tries to help (1), lady has kidnapped child (1), story told backwards through time (1), South African prof (1), looks after daughter and dogs (1), memeber of mob (1), Israeli cops question rape suspect (1), family lies over dinner to save son (1), wife dies (1), space guy in time loop (1), cop steals guys ID (1), people reborn on planet (1), Lily turned human (1), world goes blind (1), guy looks for sheep (1), Vampires run amuck in post apocalyptic world (1), stays in cabin on mountain (1), America destroyed by heat wave (1), army tries to survive (1), brain trauma husband (1), follow up Robopocalypse (1), cop uncovers family secret (1), wife burnt out by care for him (1), little girl zombie (1), girl uses words to control people (1), new world of zombie kids comes about (1), same story line (1), Life story of North Korean guy (1), lady falls in love (1), wife finds letter (1), goes to Cairo to find killer (1), guy has stalker (1), lady tells story of being bipolar (1), reborn again. tries to stop man from destroying planet (1), man dies (1), Guy travels to multiuniverse (1)
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Apr 8, 2008
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Mostly science fiction and fiction, some non-fiction too but not as much. I like the science part of science fiction and the more passable science in the plot the better.
Chicago, IL. USA
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