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If I strongly dislike a book it will probably not be in my library, so although I will be using the 1 star rating, this does not necessarily mean that I really disliked the book. In addition, I don't put a lot of thought into how I rate books. Nevertheless, my ratings sorta mean this:

1 = Did not enjoy reading it, but it's not bad enough, or is perhaps too important, to expel from my library.
1 1/2 = "Oh yeah, I read that . . . it was fine."
2 = It was alright, maybe better than that. But I had some significant issues with it.
2 1/2 = Good.
3 = Pretty good.
3 1/2 = Very good to great.
4 = Better than great, and I think about this book often.
4 1/2 = Fucking fantastic.
5 = Has re-wired my brain and I have not been the same since.

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