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I'm green, vegetarian, left-wing (naturally),atheist (actually, this changes from day today. currently, I'm an agnostic, because. . . how can one deny the existence of god without falling into the trap of religion? and don't forget, we must keep seperate in our minds the idea of religion and the idea of god. it's woth a lot of thought), would-be animal liberationist, anti-vivisectionist and wish I'd lived through the 60s.

I like walking, secret hidden valleys, all creatures, medotatoopm silence, night skies, laughter, bittersweet (ness), hazy days, locusts, the tropics, crisp white shirts, irons, writing, disaster movies, Cabbage wars, cats whiskers, forests, the Valley, intelligence,snow, ice, stars, love, thoughts from the dark before sleep yet after wakefulness, pre-Raphaelite artwork, streams, dreams, rhymes, exploration, metaphysical solipsism, Welsh hippy festivals, combi vans, chocolate milkshakes, happiness, old growth forests, small sunny cafes, croissants, Aquinas's puppies, travel, Europeans (obviously not all), the ocean, mildly broken dreams and a select group of humans.

I like reading, tales of Siberia and Russia, tales of Communism, dystopian horror stories and quality fiction in all forms. I also enjoy reading Atheist’s essays, Peter Singer’s works and such like. While doing so I like to listen to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Neutral Milk Hotel, Bayside etc.

I dislike the rugby, most American Universities/research labs, the American defence force, a great number of scientists around the world, Descartes, Aquinas, Speciesism, Mcdonalds, KFC, Iams, Coles, Woolworths, many humans, farms, meat-eaters, animal testing, violent computer games, whiny songs, irritating people, shallow people, the jagged edges of soup cans, soup for that matter, thin people, people who worry about thin people, those endless emails asking for donations to stop horrors and atrocities (these are simply depressing when one lacks such money), the journey of blind dog puppies, feelings of powerlessness, lazy people, military juntas, The Exclusive Brethren, most sects, (yes, seCTs), in fact most organised religion, extreme self assurance, bitterness, television, the media, celebrities, Paul Lennon, John Howard and co, rednecks, Gunns, guns, Hitler, jealousy, spite,acronyms, pain, (as in emotional pain), selfishness, irritation (in terms of people rather than the physical sense), itchiness, fascism, being referred to as a fascist, postmodernism and absolute, ultimate usage of any living creature.

I would have loved to have met Gough Whitlam, but I suspect he will die soon.

Our society terrifies me.

But ultimately, I am a terribly happy.
The Land of The Glockenspiels
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