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Charity Parkerson

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Bevat de naam: Charity Parkerson


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The Society of Sinners (2011) 36 exemplaren
Wicked Sinners (2011) 30 exemplaren
Collide (2015) 23 exemplaren
A Splash of Hope (2012) 16 exemplaren
Clinch (Low Blow Book 1) (2016) 13 exemplaren
Sugar Fighter (2018) 12 exemplaren
Bryant (Undefeated Series book 1) (2014) 12 exemplaren
Heart's Beat (Ugly Eternity, #1) (2014) 12 exemplaren
Heart's Duo (2015) 11 exemplaren
Shatter (Hard Hit Book 4) (2015) 11 exemplaren
Blow (2015) 11 exemplaren
Unsurpassed: 1 (No Rival) (2014) 11 exemplaren
Undone: Hooked, Book 1 (2016) 10 exemplaren
Walt (Undefeated series book 3) (2014) 10 exemplaren
Paul (Undefeated series book 4) (2014) 10 exemplaren
The Danger with Sinners (2012) 10 exemplaren
Ace (Undefeated Series) (2014) 9 exemplaren
Thrash (2015) 9 exemplaren
Defend (Hard Hit) (Volume 8) (2016) 9 exemplaren
Crush (Hard Hit Book 5) (2016) 8 exemplaren
His Knight (2017) 8 exemplaren
Beautifully Toxic (2020) 8 exemplaren
Break (Hard Hit Book 6) (2016) 7 exemplaren
Unknown (Hooked) (Volume 3) (2016) 7 exemplaren
Sugar Boss (2018) 7 exemplaren
A Fighting Chance (2011) 7 exemplaren
Inoperative (2014) 7 exemplaren
Unarm (Hooked Book 5) (2017) 6 exemplaren
Of Ghosts and Dreams (2012) 6 exemplaren
Sarah's Dirty Secret (2012) 6 exemplaren
Uneven (Hooked Book 2) (2016) 6 exemplaren
Conned (2018) 5 exemplaren
Enforce (Hard Hit Book 7) (2016) 5 exemplaren
Unmask (Hooked, #6) (2017) 5 exemplaren
Hard Hit (2016) 5 exemplaren
Sugar Bear (2018) 5 exemplaren
The Danger from Within (2010) 5 exemplaren
Clip (Hard Hit) (Volume 9) (2016) 5 exemplaren
Kinky Baby (2019) 4 exemplaren
Sordid (2017) 4 exemplaren
Unstable (Hooked, #4) (2016) 4 exemplaren
Sugar Dom (2018) 4 exemplaren
The Agent (Safe Haven Series) (2012) 4 exemplaren
Beautifully Angelic (2020) 4 exemplaren
Sugar Bastard (2018) 4 exemplaren
Sugar Tycoon (2018) 4 exemplaren
Ugly Eternity (2015) 4 exemplaren
Sugar Heart (2018) 4 exemplaren
Sinners of Water & Fire (2013) 3 exemplaren
Choke (2023) 3 exemplaren
The Pixie & the Prince (2013) 3 exemplaren
Pound (Hard Hit Book 10) (2017) 3 exemplaren
Sugar Obsession (2019) 3 exemplaren
The-Adonis (2012) 3 exemplaren
A Sugar Daddy for Winter (2021) 3 exemplaren
Double the Sin (2014) 3 exemplaren
Intact (2014) 3 exemplaren
The Assassin (Safe Haven, #3) (2012) 3 exemplaren
The Assignment (Safe Haven #1) (2012) 3 exemplaren
Uncaged (No Rival Book 7) (2017) 3 exemplaren
Unbound Fantasies 3 exemplaren
Upstart (Low Blow Book 4) (2017) 3 exemplaren
Slip (Low Blow) (Volume 2) (2016) 3 exemplaren
Until Mister (2020) 2 exemplaren
Holly Folly EXmas (2020) 2 exemplaren
His Loss (2018) 2 exemplaren
Witchin Warlock 2 exemplaren
Love-Blocked (2020) 2 exemplaren
Once He Breaks (2020) 2 exemplaren
Before Him (2019) 2 exemplaren
Unlovable (Hooked Book 7) (2018) 2 exemplaren
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A Dash of Desire (Spiced Life) (2014) 2 exemplaren
Spent (Wrecked, #2) (2015) 2 exemplaren
The Wizard & the Wanton (2013) 2 exemplaren
Consume (Hellish Book 1) (2017) 2 exemplaren
Gatekeeper (Low Blow Book 5) (2017) 2 exemplaren
Undamaged (No Rival Book 6) (2016) 2 exemplaren
His Salvation (2018) 2 exemplaren
Bang (Hard Hit Book 13) (2018) 2 exemplaren
Guard (Hard Hit Book 11) (2017) 2 exemplaren
Hunger (Hellish Book 5) (2018) 1 exemplaar
Do Dallas 1 exemplaar
Witchin Solstice 1 exemplaar
Witchin Moonbeam 1 exemplaar
Witchin Wildcat 1 exemplaar
Witchin Fangs 1 exemplaar
Witchin Yuletide 1 exemplaar
Brawler (Low Blow Book 3) (2017) 1 exemplaar
Salty Baby (Sugar Babies #4) (2019) 1 exemplaar
Inanimate (2017) 1 exemplaar
Thirst (Hellish #4) (2018) 1 exemplaar
Tasting Temptation (2013) 1 exemplaar
Stryph (Hellish #9) 1 exemplaar
Hellish (Hellish Collection) (2018) 1 exemplaar
Inevitable (The D Book 1) (2021) 1 exemplaar
Ravage (Hellish #8) 1 exemplaar
Sugar Enemy 1 exemplaar
Beautifully Damaged 1 exemplaar

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Jake has moved to New Orleans for a fresh start after a bad breakup. He is a therapist who works nights. Walking down the street he is attacked and turned into a vampire. Aaron finds him and takes him home where Cosmos can help him learned to feed as a vampire. Jake asks Aaron to help him learn to survive as a vampire. Both men are attracted to each other which means Jake cannot be Aaron's therapist. What will they do? Where do they go from here?

I enjoyed this story. While not as cute as Little Pest, it is not as serious as Cosmic Cardio. It's somewhere in the middle but a little skewed toward serious. I liked that Aaron could be honest when saying it wasn't him that turned Jake. I liked how Jake accepted Aaron though he could not be his therapist because he felt something for Aaron. I appreciated when Jake was in trouble he called Aaron for help and Aaron came and knew what to do. I was shocked when Jake's past came out. I was glad that Aaron was there for him. I liked knowing Aaron had grown up.

I'm sorry to see this series end. It was fun. I'm going to miss these guys!
… (meer)
Sheila1957 | May 27, 2023 |
Cosmos is turned into a vampire against his will. Draco and Tate help him to survive and learn how to be a vampire. Cosmos is angry and goes looking for the guy that turned him. He finds him and his father who is not a vampire. Cosmos is attracted to the father, Vega. He threatens to marry Vega and be Aaron's stepfather. Vega's attracted also. He helps Cosmos to get his new business to work with his new lifestyle. Then the past interferes. Will Cosmos and Vega overcome it?

I enjoyed this story. It was not as fun as Little Pest as Cosmos is more serious than Tate. I liked how Cosmos handled Aaron. He is a good mentor. I enjoyed watching Vega lightly tread into a new relationship with Cosmos after being hurt by his ex. I also appreciated what Vega needed to do to be with Cosmos. They were good together. Cosmos is upset but Vega can calm him and vice versa. They are a good match. I also liked watching Aaron grow up.

Looking forward to the next book 'cause I enjoyed the first two.
… (meer)
Sheila1957 | May 26, 2023 |
Draco is one of the oldest vampires. He is bothered by other vampires looking for a one-night stand or lessons on being a vampire. Tate was turned two days earlier, against his will, in a kink club. He needs Draco to teach him how to be a vampire plus he's looking for a Daddy and Draco may fit that bill also. Draco teaches Tate how to survive. Now, can Tate convince Draco he's staying for the long term and to be his Daddy?

This is the CUTEST story! I loved it! Draco carries a fly swatter to bat away the bats looking for him. Tate pushes them away by claiming Draco as his own. I can just see this happening. Draco and Tate are perfect for each other. Draco does not trust easily when he's told the other one will stay with him. Tate means it and has to prove it. They are just so adorable as a grump and his sunshine.

If you need some fun, I highly recommend this.
… (meer)
Sheila1957 | May 26, 2023 |
Being his Favorite was the first strictly erotic fiction story that I downloaded and I must say that it was arousing to read.

Ms. Parkerson's characters were fleshed-out (no pun intended), multi-dimensional beings rather than cardboard cut-outs. The history between the two main characters was explained adding strength to the story. The sex scenes were deliciously arousing, well described and believable. The story was short, the 'action' steamy and the conclusion was a shock to me. I am a 'happily-ever-after' ending type of person, but the ending scene for this story worked well and blended beautifully with the story line.

This might have been my 'first-time' but I am sure that it will not be the last erotic tale by Ms. Parkerson that I escape into.
… (meer)
Deena-Rae | 1 andere bespreking | Mar 28, 2023 |


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