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Edward Wagenknecht (1900–2004)

Auteur van The Fireside Book of Christmas Stories

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Edward Wagenknecht (1900-2004) was the author of well over 60 titles, covering a wide variety of subjects, most notably British and American literary biography and criticism, including pioneering studies of Dickens and Twain and monumental histories of the English and American novel. In addition to toon meer his work on the early film, he wrote of still earlier actors and actresses from the legitimate stage, and of the history of New England and Chicago. toon minder
Fotografie: 1964 photograph by Boston University Photo Services.

Werken van Edward Wagenknecht

The Fireside Book of Christmas Stories (1945) — Redacteur — 283 exemplaren
Six Novels of the Supernatural (1944) — Redacteur; Introductie — 39 exemplaren
Cavalcade of the English novel (1943) 28 exemplaren
A Fireside Book of Yuletide Tales (1948) 19 exemplaren
The Fireside Book of Ghost Stories (1947) — Redacteur — 16 exemplaren
The films of D. W. Griffith (1975) 16 exemplaren
Mark Twain, the man and his work (1967) 14 exemplaren
The Personality of Chaucer (1968) 13 exemplaren
Stories of Christ and Christmas (1963) 8 exemplaren
The Personality of Shakespeare (1972) 8 exemplaren
Sir Walter Scott (1991) 6 exemplaren
Jenny Lind (1980) 6 exemplaren
The Fireside Book of Romance (1948) 6 exemplaren
Chicago (1964) 4 exemplaren
Stars of the Silents (1987) 4 exemplaren
The Tales of Henry James (1984) 4 exemplaren
Murder by Gaslight: Victorian Tales — Redacteur — 3 exemplaren
The Personality of Milton (1970) 3 exemplaren
Merely Players (1966) 2 exemplaren
Utopia Americana. (1929) 2 exemplaren
Joan of Arc 1 exemplaar
American profile, 1900-1909 (1982) 1 exemplaar
Cather 1 exemplaar
Hawthorne 1 exemplaar
Washington Irving (1962) 1 exemplaar

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A Tale of Two Cities (1859) — Introductie, sommige edities36,793 exemplaren
Leven op de Mississippi (1883) — Introductie, sommige edities4,635 exemplaren
The Innocents Abroad (1869) — Introductie, sommige edities3,838 exemplaren
Roughing It (1872) — Introductie, sommige edities3,237 exemplaren
Jurgen : een historie van gerechtigheid (1919) — Voorwoord, sommige edities1,015 exemplaren
The Chimes (1844) — Introductie, sommige edities680 exemplaren
The Notorious Jumping Frog & Other Stories (1970) — Redacteur; Introductie — 40 exemplaren
Stories and Fables (1977) — Redacteur, sommige edities29 exemplaren
When the Movies Were Young (1925) — Voorwoord — 24 exemplaren
The Letters of James Branch Cabell (1975) — Redacteur — 20 exemplaren
The collected tales of Walter de la Mare (1950) — Redacteur — 10 exemplaren
An F. Marion Crawford companion (1981) — Introductie — 1 exemplaar
The American book collector — Medewerker, sommige edities1 exemplaar


19e eeuw (922) Amerikaan(s) (180) Amerikaanse literatuur (453) Autobiografie (174) Biografie (194) Brits (353) Britse literatuur (480) Charles Dickens (210) Dickens (382) E-boek (261) Engeland (360) Engels (208) Engelse literatuur (477) Fantasy (210) Fictie (4,374) Frankrijk (487) Franse Revolutie (909) gelezen (388) Geschiedenis (320) historisch (190) Historische fictie (750) Humor (467) in bezit (202) Kindle (304) Klassiek (1,686) klassieke fictie (186) Klassieke literatuur (287) Klassieken (1,917) Literatuur (1,322) Londen (264) Mark Twain (233) Memoires (381) Non-fictie (440) ongelezen (276) Parijs (285) Reizen (667) roman (757) te lezen (1,933) TWAIN (151) Victoriaans (270)

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I own a copy of this book that belonged to my mother. It has been read so many times it is beginning to fall apart, but I love reading it over and over again, carefully.
mattorsara | 2 andere besprekingen | Aug 11, 2022 |
Even a small book can pack a big punch.

This is a fairly thin volume, but it includes many extremely important essays in Chaucer criticism. There is a bit of a checklist feeling to the result ("We need one essay on the Pardoner's Tale, one on the Wife's Tale, one on the Knight's Tale..."), which may be a little unbalanced -- but there is obviously a lot to be said for a single book which gives access to the single most influential writing on each of Chaucer's major works.

The material is from the mid-twentieth century and earlier, so some of it is perhaps a little out of date. But there is value in almost all of it, as long as you're willing to accept it as provisional. There are books with newer insights. There are very few with more insights.… (meer)
waltzmn | Nov 2, 2013 |
Unfortunately my copy was mis-manufactured and is missing several pages.
Georges_T._Dodds | Mar 29, 2013 |



Misschien vindt je deze ook leuk

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