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Lid: xicanti

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Trefwoordenfantasy (1,764), non-american (1,733), american (1,637), poc (1,232), comics (1,150), science fiction (955), quiltbag (838), family (822), magic users (711), general fiction (665) — alle trefwoorden


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Over mijWhen I'm not reading, I'm usually writing, watching trashy TV, or taking a ridiculously long walk.

Over mijn boekenI only keep books that're important to me. These form my Permanent Collection (with the caveat that I've gotta reread a bunch of the early additions to see if they're still PC-worthy). My discards are tagged as Sellers, while books I've borrowed are tagged as Library Books or Loaners, depending on who I got 'em from. E-books are filed under Electronic, regardless of whether I purchased them, borrowed them, or received them as time-sensitive ARCs. They aren't included under Permanent Collection, even if I intend to reread them at regular intervals for the rest of my life.

My ratings reflect the intensity of my feelings for a particular title. They break down as follows:

5 stars - I'm incoherent and/or verbose with love
4.5 stars - I loved the hell out of it
4 stars - I loved it
3.5 stars - I really liked it
3 stars - I liked it (this is not a bad rating, in my estimation)
2.5 stars - it's not necessarily a bad book, but it didn't engage me.
2 stars - I disliked it
1.5 stars - I hated it
1 star - why the hell did I finish this?
0.5 stars - seriously. The hell???

3.5 stars is my most common rating. I like a lot, but I'm terribly picky about what I love.

I don't rate poetry, religious texts, writings from the ancient world, anything I abandoned, or books I've read so many times that I've lost all impartiality.

Groepen1001 Fantasy Roadies, Bloggers, Freebies, Book Giveaways, and Contests, Go Review That Book!, The Green Dragon, TinyCat, What Are You Reading Now?, Writer-readers

Favoriete auteursAnnabeth Albert, Lloyd Alexander, Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb, Guy Gavriel Kay, Ellen Kushner, Scott Lynch, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Gregory Maguire, Sarah Monette, Tiffany Reisz, Anne Rice, Brandon Sanderson, Ysabeau S. Wilce (Gemeenschappelijke favorieten)


Favoriete boekwinkelsBison Books, Book Fair, Cover to Cover, McNally Robinson at Grant Park, Munro's Books

LievelingsbibliothekenAuckland Central City Library, Epsom Community Library, Leys Institute Community Library, Millennium Library - Winnipeg Public Library, Parnell Community Library, Pembina Trail Library, Remuera Community Library

Andere favorietenChildren's Hospital Book Market

Favoriete uitgeversOrbit Books


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