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Brian Catling (1948–2022)

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This story revolves around an eldritch forest populated with nightmarish beings. In that, it reminded me a bit of Robert Holdstock's Mythago Wood, but the resemblance ends there. There are multiple characters with stories that twine around each other like jungle vines. The only narrative I was able to follow completely was that of Ghertrude and Ishmael, and eventually, Cyrene. All the other storylines just didn't hold my attention. I would be reading along and find myself thinking of something else. The language is rich and evocative, the sense of place permeates everything, but the narrative threads are not particularly clear or vibrant. It's like trying to read a spider's web. What the author has done is remarkable, but it isn't a work that invites one to while away an afternoon. I give it four stars for beauty and originality, but be warned, this isn't a typical read.… (meer)
TheGalaxyGirl | 20 andere besprekingen | Feb 4, 2023 |
Uhhhh, I'm still trying to figure this one out. Since finishing it and discussing it, I've sold more copies of this book by saying I hated it than I have sold books I loved to people by telling them how much I loved it. But I didn't hate it... I think?

There are many stories working in tandem in this book and they are all confusing and befuddling and written in different styles based on the character's perspective that we are currently viewing the world through. Told in at least four alternating perspectives, The Vorrh, is the story first and foremost of the forest from which it gets its name and the people in the town right next to it. It bears similarities in equal parts to Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Shelley's Frankenstein. But it goes beyond that to discuss mental illness and paint pictures in the reader's minds of things that are just downright unpleasant and, for some, upsetting. You have to have a strong stomach to undertake serious reading of The Vorrh.

If anyone else has this book figured out, not just enjoyed it, but actually figured out the symbolism and intent, please do enlighten me.
… (meer)
smorton11 | 20 andere besprekingen | Oct 29, 2022 |
Literally no idea what this was about
whatmeworry | Apr 9, 2022 |
As dense and grotesque as its eponymous forest, I've never read fantasy quite like this. The prose of the first third is difficult to wade into, requiring a machete to hack your way through the overgrowth. At first it bothered me, the ostentatious self-aware wordiness for the simplest of actions and descriptions. Barely a noun goes by without an adjective (or three) to accompany it; adverbs abound. But it slowly entranced me with startling images and beautiful bits of rich poetry emerging from the tangle over and over again. The underlying myth and slow story are surreal, horrifying, disjointed, but also very original with a captivating atmosphere. The overripe prose calms down considerably by the last third of the book, and the plot moves swifter. In fact, I found it strange how much the style changes from beginning to end.

A reasonable critique would be the lack of strong female characters, who pretty much all depend on men to define themselves throughout. Some may excuse this as a reflection of the late 19th century era in which it is set, but that's not a very good defense considering how intricate and thoughtful all the other elements are. The potential was certainly there to modernize the women more.

Still, I look forward to continuing the trilogy, though I may read another book as a palate cleanser first.
… (meer)
invisiblecityzen | 20 andere besprekingen | Mar 13, 2022 |



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