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A. L. Rowse (1903–1997)

Auteur van William Shakespeare: A Biography

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Alfred Leslie Rowse was a British author and historian. He was born at Tregonissey in 1903. He is known for his work in Elizabethan England and his poetry about Cornwall. He graduated with first class honours in 1925 and was elected a Fellow of All Souls College the same year. In 1929, he was toon meer awarded his Master of Arts degree, and in 1927 was appointed Lecturer at Merton College, where he stayed until 1930. He became a Lecturer at the London School of Economics. Rowse published about 100 books. He also became a celebrated author and much-travelled lecturer in the mid-20th century, especially in the United States. He also published many popular articles in newspapers and magazines in Great Britain and the United States. In 1963 Rowse began to concentrate on Shakespeare, starting with a biography in which he claimed to have dated all the sonnets. In 1973 he published Shakespeare the Man, in which he claimed to have solved the final problem the identity of the 'Dark Lady': from a close reading of the sonnets and the diaries of Simon Forman, he asserted that she must have been Emilia Lanier, whose poems he would later collect. He suggested that Shakespeare had been influenced by the feud between the Danvers and Long families in Wiltshire, when he wrote Romeo and Juliet. A.L. Rowse passed away on October 3, 1997. (Bowker Author Biography) toon minder


Werken van A. L. Rowse

William Shakespeare: A Biography (1963) 295 exemplaren
The England of Elizabeth (1950) 253 exemplaren
A Man of Singular Virtue (1979) — Redacteur — 179 exemplaren
The use of history (1946) 87 exemplaren
A Cornish Childhood (1942) 87 exemplaren
Heritage of Britain (1977) 84 exemplaren
Shakespeare the Man (1973) 80 exemplaren
The Early Churchills (1956) 75 exemplaren
The Story of Britain (1979) 68 exemplaren
The Elizabethans and America (1959) 60 exemplaren
The English Spirit (1944) 51 exemplaren
The Poet Auden: A Personal Memoir (1987) 49 exemplaren
The Annotated Shakespeare Volume I: The Comedies (1978) — Redacteur — 48 exemplaren
The Later Churchills (1958) 44 exemplaren
Eminent Elizabethans (1983) 39 exemplaren
Christopher Marlowe (1964) 39 exemplaren
Westminster Abbey (1972) 35 exemplaren
Tudor Cornwall (1941) 31 exemplaren
Shakespeare's Sonnets (1964) — Redacteur — 29 exemplaren
The Elizabethan Age (2012) 29 exemplaren
Jonathan Swift (1975) 28 exemplaren
In Shakespeare's Land (1986) 27 exemplaren
Ralegh and the Throckmortons (1962) 26 exemplaren
The Diaries of A.L. Rowse (2003) 25 exemplaren
Historians I Have Known (1995) 22 exemplaren
The Spirit of English History (1943) 20 exemplaren
West-Country Stories (1945) 17 exemplaren
A Cornish Anthology (1968) 16 exemplaren
A History of France (1953) 16 exemplaren
A Cornishman at Oxford (1965) 15 exemplaren
The Byrons and Trevanions (1978) 14 exemplaren
Memories and Glimpses (1986) 13 exemplaren
Glimpses of the Great (1985) 13 exemplaren
A Quartet Of Cornish Cats (1986) 11 exemplaren
All Souls in My Time (1993) 11 exemplaren
Victorian and Edwardian Cornwall from Old Photographs (1976) — Auteur — 11 exemplaren
A CORNISH WAIF'S STORY (1954) 10 exemplaren
Shakespeare the Elizabethan (1977) 10 exemplaren
The Little Land of Cornwall (1986) 10 exemplaren
A Man of the Thirties (1979) 9 exemplaren
Drie katten (1978) 8 exemplaren
The End of an Epoch (1947) 8 exemplaren
A Life: Collected Poems (1981) 8 exemplaren
A Cornishman Abroad (1976) 7 exemplaren
The Tower of London (1977) 7 exemplaren
The Cornish in America (1959) 6 exemplaren
Essays in Cornish History (1935) — Redacteur — 5 exemplaren
Prefaces to Shakespeare's Plays (1984) 5 exemplaren
Poems of Deliverance (1946) 5 exemplaren
An Elizabethan Garland (1953) 4 exemplaren
Strange Encounter (1972) 4 exemplaren
Royal homes illustrated (1953) — Introductie — 4 exemplaren
Friends and Contemporaries (1989) 4 exemplaren
Poems chiefly Cornish (1944) 4 exemplaren
The West in English History (1949) — Redacteur — 3 exemplaren
Cornish stories (1967) 3 exemplaren
My View of Shakespeare (1996) 3 exemplaren
The Road to Oxford (1978) 3 exemplaren
Poems of a Decade 1931-1941 (1941) 2 exemplaren
Poems of Cornwall and America (1967) 1 exemplaar
Twelfth Night (1984) 1 exemplaar
Cornish Place Rhymes (1997) 1 exemplaar
Stories from Trenarren (1986) 1 exemplaar
Poems Partly American. (1959) 1 exemplaar
Selected Poems (1990) 1 exemplaar
Transatlantic: Later Poems (1989) 1 exemplaar

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The Two Chiefs of Dunboy (1969) — Editor and Foreword — 1 exemplaar
The Cornish Garden - People, Places, Plants — Medewerker — 1 exemplaar
Stories of the Macabre (1976) — Medewerker — 1 exemplaar


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Just a disaster, and I'm appalled by the people who gave this a five-star review. There's a fantastic review by the ever-reliable Jeanne Addison Roberts in Shakespeare Quarterly 1979 which is worth quoting: "the motivating spirit behind this spectacular non-book is clearly commercial".

Despite being published in 1978, A.L. Rowse's edition of Shakespeare breezily reprints a 1904 text (itself a copy of 19th century texts) which is itself an unusual decision, in light of the many worthy Shakespeare editions released in those intervening years, from the Arden to the Riverside. The introductions to each play are, as Roberts notes, "drawn almost entirely from [Rowse's] own earlier work" and are of the tossed-off variety, aiming to pontificate on a half-dozen received facts about the play without, it seems, much engagement with contemporary criticism. The margin glosses are surprisingly few and, while yes, Rowse can often be delightfully eccentric, as others note, he is also sometimes just passing the time. When pages pass with only three or four glosses, one feels that this can hardly be the Shakespeare for every household in the land. Sometimes, Rowse even uses "correct" as if he is just telling the reader what word should be there, rather than asserting his opinion in the crowded field of editors from 1709 to the present day.

The only reason this edition merited two stars was because there are many hundreds of pictures, most of them nineteenth-century, meaning at least there is some historical value to this work. Given the grotesque size of the thing, this is hardly worth the purchasing, particularly not with another forty years having passed in the interim.

To quote Roberts once more, "do we laugh or cry?"
… (meer)
therebelprince | 5 andere besprekingen | Oct 24, 2023 |
I very much enjoyed this comedy about two sets of twins.
leslie.98 | Jun 27, 2023 |
These are short portraits of ten significant twentieth century figures, acquaintances of the author, ranging from the poet Auden and the mystery writer Agatha Christie to political figures like Nancy Astor, Lord Beaverbrook, and Winston Churchill. Historians will be particularly interested to read Rowse's accounts of G.M. Trevelyan and Samuel Eliot Morison. Throughout, Rowse lives up to his reputation as a vain but witty controversialist. Some people will probably find Rowse's conceits to be "too much," but I find him to be more than tolerable in small doses.… (meer)
yooperprof | Jun 6, 2023 |



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