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Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #84195 ongelezen / 195AnnieMod, Gisteren 12:40am
Threshold?4 ongelezen / 4aspirit, zondag 11:40am
Why I voted "no"? (tag separation/combination) #1511 ongelezen / 11lilithcat, zondag 11:12am
Proposed Tag Separation: GLAM from glam5 ongelezen / 5MarthaJeanne, zondag 6:57am
Blocks to combining that affects large numbers of copies (Sorry, too much love!) #430 ongelezen / 30SandraArdnas, mei 19
Problem bad combinaison and searching to understand51 ongelezen / 51JMK2020, mei 15
Can you separate books within an edition?12 ongelezen / 12Nevov, mei 12
"Lauren Chance"40 ongelezen / 40Nevov, mei 7
Riley Black13 ongelezen / 13lorax, mei 5
Is anyone keeping a master list....289 ongelezen / 289MarthaJeanne, april 23
Tangent: Tag love53 ongelezen / 53lilithcat, april 10
Request for help - from an author3 ongelezen / 3RichardLong, april 9
Can't get this one to work... (Early Reviewers the Second)4 ongelezen / 4AnnieMod, april 6
Can't get this one to work... (Early Reviewers)8 ongelezen / 8kristincedar, april 6
Tags to click "Yes" on (4)218 ongelezen / 218SandraArdnas, april 6
Sammy The Seal2 ongelezen / 2norabelle414, april 4
Help needed with removing alliased work (resolved)4 ongelezen / 4get-to-know, april 2
David Robbins/David L. Robbins/David Thompson?8 ongelezen / 8AnnieMod, maart 23
Please vote against my bonehead suggestion #246 ongelezen / 46geophile, maart 18
Search for administrator6 ongelezen / 6kristilabrie, maart 16
Hebrew help needed for David Grossman1 ongelezen / 1MarthaJeanne, maart 16
Translated version of a book is split into two books5 ongelezen / 5scott_beeler, maart 14
Title not listed on authors page4 ongelezen / 4lilithcat, maart 11
Why I voted "no"? (Tag separation/combination) #14259 ongelezen / 259Nevov, maart 9
An odd wrong combination - How to fix?7 ongelezen / 7AnnieMod, maart 1
junior illustrated classics1 ongelezen / 1EGBERTINA, februari 28
not sure if its combining or flagging9 ongelezen / 9EGBERTINA, februari 28
Blocks to combining that affects large numbers of copies (Sorry, too much love!)206 ongelezen / 206ArrowStead, februari 28
COMBINING AUTHOR8 ongelezen / 8EGBERTINA, februari 26
combining series17 ongelezen / 17EGBERTINA, februari 25
Split help needed9 ongelezen / 9MarthaJeanne, februari 24
combining request4 ongelezen / 4EGBERTINA, februari 23
Beginner help need on series9 ongelezen / 9Andy_Dingley, februari 17
Another two Member Giveaways broken4 ongelezen / 4aspirit, februari 7
can't save as single author5 ongelezen / 5gilroy, februari 6
Film in anthology (with changes) vs. Original release3 ongelezen / 3WeeTurtle, februari 5
Please fix this error3 ongelezen / 3ArlieS, februari 5
Adair & Cornelia3 ongelezen / 3EGBERTINA, februari 4
critique of pure reason5 ongelezen / 5russianlawyer37, februari 2
American Association f...5 ongelezen / 5russianlawyer37, februari 2
Reissued Titles5 ongelezen / 5MarthaJeanne, januari 31
author name synchronicity!1 ongelezen / 1TheEphemeraRemix, januari 25
Dave Brubeck2 ongelezen / 2Maddz, januari 21
Frank Herbert, Dune6 ongelezen / 6Cynfelyn, januari 14
correct books with incorrect authors4 ongelezen / 4EGBERTINA, januari 13
On Tyranny graphic edition14 ongelezen / 14labfs39, januari 13
American College of ____?6 ongelezen / 6chwiggy, januari 8
Magnum - photographers and band10 ongelezen / 10MarthaJeanne, januari 5
Jerry Harrison5 ongelezen / 5Nevov, januari 4
Combination error : Smith, Sheila A., 1959-3 ongelezen / 3Kiwi_des_neiges, december 2021
Bambi - Salten vs. Disney6 ongelezen / 6lilithcat, december 2021
Johann Strauss I & II9 ongelezen / 9Maddz, december 2021
is a work different if re-edited?14 ongelezen / 14scott_beeler, december 2021
Two Richard Carlsons died on this day in 20063 ongelezen / 3newcrossbooks, december 2021
TMNT Vol 1, #14 ongelezen / 4BookstoogeLT, december 2021
Two authors as one5 ongelezen / 5LibraryCin, december 2021
landmark books8 ongelezen / 8AnnieMod, november 2021
Blocks to combining that affects large numbers of copies (Sorry, too much love!) #3201 ongelezen / 201jasbro, november 2021
same book- different titles4 ongelezen / 4EGBERTINA, november 2021
This One is Beyond Me - No Touchstone, Can't Find Edition to Combine12 ongelezen / 12fuzzi, november 2021
Combining author A Fielding with A E Fielding8 ongelezen / 8Nicole_VanK, november 2021
Combining Pride and Prejudice5 ongelezen / 5AnnieMod, november 2021
More happy than not vs More happy than not [deluxe edition]2 ongelezen / 2MarthaJeanne, november 2021
Jonathan Baker1 ongelezen / 1MarthaJeanne, oktober 2021
Acronym Agencies like NASA & AMA10 ongelezen / 10abbottthomas, oktober 2021
Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems9 ongelezen / 9al.vick, oktober 2021
Authors with same name189 ongelezen / 189Nicole_VanK, oktober 2021
Julie Nováková and Julie Novkov3 ongelezen / 3MarthaJeanne, oktober 2021
Martha Carr vs Martha Randolph Carr8 ongelezen / 8SimoneA, oktober 2021
Prose vs Verse5 ongelezen / 5Maddz, oktober 2021
Sharing out LC Classifications when Separating a Work?3 ongelezen / 3newcrossbooks, oktober 2021
Stopping author SPC combining with Springhouse13 ongelezen / 13newcrossbooks, september 2021
Merging Collaborative Authors with Individual Author5 ongelezen / 5kmmsb459, september 2021
Combining a Series4 ongelezen / 4newcrossbooks, september 2021
RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon6 ongelezen / 6MarthaJeanne, september 2021
question/permission/objections4 ongelezen / 4aspirit, september 2021
covers3 ongelezen / 3EGBERTINA, september 2021
Maryla Szymiczkowa and related authors5 ongelezen / 5SandraArdnas, september 2021
Gareth Edwards's author picture3 ongelezen / 3Cynfelyn, september 2021
Joseph Beuys4 ongelezen / 4Nicole_VanK, augustus 2021
Disambiguation problems6 ongelezen / 6AnnieMod, augustus 2021
Adding a book to an existing series3 ongelezen / 3AnnieMod, augustus 2021
Pyrates by defoe3 ongelezen / 3Bettesbooks, augustus 2021
Confused -6 ongelezen / 6kmmsb459, augustus 2021
multipath and choose your own adventure1 ongelezen / 1anglemark, augustus 2021
Separate a C and C++ book.9 ongelezen / 9Nevov, augustus 2021
Terminator 3 (movie) a mess4 ongelezen / 4Bookmarque, augustus 2021
Combining two that I can't bring up together?14 ongelezen / 14bnielsen, juli 2021
About authors with pen names — does this look right?17 ongelezen / 17rosalita, juli 2021
Combining different editions of technical works ???30 ongelezen / 30bnielsen, juli 2021
List: Read the Book and Saw the Movie3 ongelezen / 3dara85, juli 2021
Regarding what to do so as not to do any harm4 ongelezen / 4bergs47, juli 2021
Books to be combined or separted6 ongelezen / 6jjwilson61, juli 2021
Ooops! What have I done?11 ongelezen / 11Nickelini, juli 2021
Dalai Lama22 ongelezen / 22SandraArdnas, juli 2021
Seeking Group Admins4 ongelezen / 4aspirit, juli 2021
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #83204 ongelezen / 204jasbro, juli 2021
Needs work I think: Mary Rosenblum & Mary Freeman = same person5 ongelezen / 5Seayla2020, juni 2021
Combining/separating request3 ongelezen / 3booksaplenty1949, juni 2021
Best practices for cataloging with an eye towards combining6 ongelezen / 6prosfilaes, juni 2021
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