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There were so many great things about Graveminder but I feel that it didn't reach it's full potential. The world was fantastic, both the world of the living and the dead. I love the idea of the Graveminder, someone connected to the dead and watching after them, protecting them, and also making sure they don't ever come back. Also, the Undertaker who's responsible for dealing with the bodies left behind and a partner to the Graveminder.

Marr loves writing from many character points of views and that isn't bad, but it can also connect you with side characters that aren't supposed to be important and in the case of Elizabeth, Alice(I think that's her name), and Amity I feel like she didn't give them satisfactory endings.

The story was a bit slow to start off, considering the length of the story I feel that there should have been more accomplished in the first 150 pages. Rebekkah and Byron were only just their getting into their jobs as Griveminder and Undertaker by the end of the book and it just felt too short, like their should have been more.

Overall, it was an interesting book. It had a great world and storyline and I did enjoy it.
… (meer)
caaleros | 103 andere besprekingen | May 17, 2024 |
This is a nice YA book. I'd recommend this for teen girls, as it has some good themes for them. The characters fit the real world, and teens probably can identify with Aislinn and her friends. Has a nice girl power message to the story and pretty strong female characters
sawcat | 304 andere besprekingen | Apr 9, 2024 |
I'm sorry, I want to be supportive of Melissa Marr because I really enjoyed her previous books, but this is a hot mess that could benefit from some serious editing -- it's a book with an identity crisis that doesn't quite know what it wants to be -- romantasy? New take on harry potter? Moody mystery? some kind of deeper and longer fantasy? I don't know. The world building is sketchy but getting there. The romances are... instant and not entirely believable. The problem that the characters are facing is weird and not really compelling. But the most important thing is that I went into this thinking it was a romance-type book -- some angst, some connection, hopefully a great setting and some snarky dialogue, followed by a satisfying resolution -- only to discover at the end of the book that this is the first in a duology and it's just a set up for book two. No thanks. It's got promise, but it needs more focus and some ruthless attempts at believability.

Advanced Reader's Copy provided by Edelweiss.
… (meer)
jennybeast | 1 andere bespreking | Mar 29, 2024 |
Quick read. Three stars for the story and another one for the fact that the author managed to wrap it all up in one book instead of dragging it out into a three or four book series like you see so often now. This was my first read by Melissa Marr and I enjoyed her writing. I'll be reading more by her.
thatnerd | 103 andere besprekingen | Mar 2, 2024 |



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