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"Come 'ere till I tells ya" : a collection of Newfoundland humour door Al Clouston
The 'John Foxbridge' Collection of British North America Pence Issues : Classic Issues of Canada, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia : A Net Price Catalogue Featuring Items from $100.00 to $300,000.00, Total Offering in Excess of Three Million Dollars door Irwin Weinberg Rarities
1992 Rarities of the World door Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries
2006 Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps : New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and Vancouver Island, Newfoundland door D. Robin Harris
AAA CAA Atlantic Provinces & Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Tourbook: 2007 Edition (2007 Edition, 2007-460407) door AAA
AAA TourBook Atlantic Provinces & Quebec door AAA
AAA/CAA Atlantic Provinces & Québec Map (Provincial Series) - 2014/2015 door American Automobile Association
Accommodation Canada's National Parks: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland door Indian and Northern Affiars
The Agony of Bun O'Keefe door Heather T. Smith
All about provinces and territories : Newfoundland door Barb McDermott
All about-- capital cities: St. John's door Barb McDermott
Alligator door Lisa Moore
Amazing Newfoundland Stories door Jack Fitzgerald
The American Bank Note Company Archives : Sold by Order of the United States Banknote Corporation door Christie's
And Tomorrow the Stars: The Story of John Cabot door Kay Hill
Ann and Seamus door Kevin Major
Any Mummers 'Lowed In?: Christmas Mummering Traditions in Newfoundland and Labrador door Dale Jarvis
Architects Are Here door Michael Winter
Arn? Narn. door Bruce Meisterman
As Near to Heaven by Sea : A History of Newfoundland and Labrador door Kevin Major
The Atlantic Battle Won, May 1943 - May 1945 door Samuel Eliot Morison
The Atlantic Provinces; Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island door William F. E. Morley
Atlantica: Stories from the Maritimes and Newfoundland door Lesley Choyce
Atlas of Newfoundland and Labrador door Gary E. McManus
Atlas of the United States of North America, Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and Jamaica : On a Uniform Scale, from the Most Recent State Documents, Marine Surveys, and Unpublished Materials : With Plans of the Principal Cities and Sea-Ports, and an Introductory Essay on the Physical Geography, Products, and Resources of North America door Henry Darwin Rogers
Away from Everywhere door Chad Pelley
Ballads and Sea-Songs of Newfoundland door Ed. Elisabeth Bristol Greenleaf
The Banting Enigma: The Assassination of Sir Frederick Banting door William R. Callahan
Bartlett, the great Canadian explorer door Harold Horwood
Battlefront Newfoundland : Britain's oldest colony at war, 1939-1945 door Jack Fitzgerald
Bay Girl door Betty Dorion
Bay of Spirits: A Love Story door Farley Mowat
Beneath the Surface door Mike Martin
The Beothucks Or Red Indians: the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Newfoundland (Canadian Collection) door James Patrick Howley
Beothuk of Newfoundland a Vanished People door Ingeborg Marshall
The Beothuk Saga door Bernard Assiniwi
Beware the fugitora: A science fiction adventure door John Herbert Charles Pippy
Beyond the Grave: From Crime to Eternity door Jack Fitzgerald
Bibliography of Newfoundland door Agnes C. O'Dea
Bibliography of vascular plant floristics for New Brunswick, Newfoundland (insular), and Nova Scotia door P.M. Catling
The Big Why: A Novel door Michael Winter
The Billionaire's Secrets door Meadow Taylor
The Bird Artist door Howard Norman
Birding in Atlantic Canada, Volume 2: Newfoundland door Roger Burrows
Birds of Newfoundland: Field Guide door Ian Warkentin
The Black Joke door Farley Mowat
Blackstrap Hawco door Kenneth J. Harvey
The Boat Who Wouldn't Float door Farley Mowat
The Body on the T (Sgt. Windflower Mystery, #2) door Mike Martin
The Bowring Story door David Keir
The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Short Fiction door Larry Mathews
Brieven van belang overgetelijke correspondentie door Shaun Usher
Butterflies and Moths of Newfoundland and Labrador: The Macrolepidoptera door Ray F. Morris
Butterfly Tears door Zoë S. Roy
By Great Waters: a Newfoundland and Labrador Anthology door Peter Neary
By The Next Boat: A Photo History of Newfoundland Coastal Boats door William Connors
By the Rivers of Brooklyn door Trudy Morgan-Cole
Cabot: John Cabot and the Journey to Newfoundland door Robin S. Doak
Calling the Maritimes Home: Origins, Attitudes, Quirks, and Curiosities door Julie V. Watson
Canada Close Up: Newfoundland and Labrador door Rachel Eagen
Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, Vol. 37.2, Summer 2003
Canadians at last : Canada integrates Newfoundland as a province door Raymond B. Blake
Captain James Cook door Richard Hough
Carson Crosses Canada door Linda Bailey
Cat Harbour : A Newfoundland Fishing Settlement door James C. Faris
Catch Me Once, Catch Me Twice door Janet McNaughton
Catching the Light door Susan Sinnott
Charles and Diana Visit Canada door Trevor Hall
Charlie Wilcox door Sharon E. McKay
A cherished past :Newfoundland's front row seat to history door Robert G. Thorne
I Chose Canada door Joseph R. Smallwood
Christmas Mumming in Newfoundland: Essays in Anthropology, Folklore, and History door Herbert Halpert
Churchill's Anchor door Robin Brodhurst
Clapp's Rock door William Rowe
Collected Poems door E. J. Pratt
Come and I Will Sing You: A Newfoundland Songbook door Genevieve Lehr
Come Near at Your Peril: A Visitor's Guide to the Island of Newfoundland door Patrick O'Flaherty
Company Town door Madeline Ashby
Conflicted Colony: Critical Episodes in Nineteenth-Century Newfoundland and Labrador door Kurt Korneski
Connections: Newfoundland's Pre-Confederation Links with Canada door Malcolm MacLeod
Control of the Cabbage Maggot in Newfoundland door Ray F. Morris
Convicted door Jack Fitzgerald
Creation door Katherine Govier
Creatures of the Rock: A Veterinarian's Adventures in Newfoundland door Andrew Peacock
Crimes That Shocked Newfoundland door Jack Fitzgerald
Crossroads Country (Newfoundland history series) door Malcolm MacLeod
Cyrus field's big dream : the daring effort to lay the first transatlantic telegraph cable door Mary Morton Cowan
The Danger Tree: Memory, War and the Search for a Family's Past door David Macfarlane
The Dangerous Cove: A Story of the Early Days in Newfoundland door John F. Hayes
Dark Souls door J.S. Cook
Dark Vows door J.S. Cook
The Day of Varick Frissel door Earl B. Pilgrim
The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland door Jim Defede
The Death of Donna Whalen door Michael Winter
Death on the Ice: The Great Newfoundland Sealing Disaster of 1914 door Cassie Brown
The Deception of Livvy Higgs door Donna Morrissey
Devine's Folk Lore of Newfoundland in Old Words, Phrases and Expressions, Their Origin and Meaning door P.K. Devine
Dictionary Of Newfoundland and Labrador door Ron Young
Dictionary of Newfoundland and Labrador biography door Robert H. Cuff
Dictionary of Newfoundland English door G.M. Story
Discovering Newfoundland and Labrador door Brian C. Bursey
The Discovery of North America door William Patterson Cumming
Distant shores: Pages from Newfoundland's past door E. Calvin Coish
Distant Shores: The Odyssey of Rockwell Kent door Constance Martin
Doctor Olds of Twillingate: Portrait of an American Surgeon in Newfoundland door Gary L. Saunders
Documents on relations between Canada and Newfoundland door Canada. Dept. of External Affairs.,
Don't Tell the Newfoundlanders: The True Story of Newfoundland's Confederation with Canada door Greg Malone
Downhomer household almanac & cookbook door Unknown
The Dream Carvers door Joan Clark
Earth: An Intimate History door Richard Fortey
The Ecology of War: Environmental Impacts of Weaponry and Warfare door Susan D. Lanier-Graham
Eiriksdottir: a Tale of Dreams and Luck door Joan Clark
The Elizabethans and America door A. L. Rowse
Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada, 1761-1853 door Terrence M. Punch
The European Discovery of America, vol. 1, The Northern Voyages: A.D. 500–1600 door Samuel Eliot Morison
Exploring Newfoundland door Brian C. Bursey
Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland door E. R. Seary
Far from Shore door Kevin Major
The Farfarers: Before the Norse door Farley Mowat
Favourite Songs of Newfoundland door Alan Mills
Februari roman door Lisa Moore
Fire in the Stars door Barbara Fradkin
First Snow, Last Light door Wayne Johnston
First Spring on the Grand Banks (The Bains Series by Bill Freeman) door Bill Freeman
Fish into Wine: The Newfoundland Plantation in the Seventeenth Century door Peter E. Pope
Fish Out of Water: The Newfoundland Saltfish Trade, 1814-1914 door Shannon Ryan
Flight from Famine: The Coming of the Irish to Canada door Donald MacKay
Fodor's Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada: with New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland (Travel Guide) door Fodor's
Fodor's Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island door Fodor's
Folk Music in a Newfoundland Outport (National Museum of Man Mercury Series) door Gordon S. A. Cox
Folk songs from Newfoundland door Maud Karpeles
Folksongs and folk revival : the cultural politics of Kenneth Peacock's Songs of the Newfoundland outports door Anna Kearney Guigné
Forest Watch - Western Newfoundland model forest door Natural Resources Canada
The forgotten songs of the Newfoundland outports : as taken from Kenneth Peacock's Newfoundland field collection, 1951-1961 door Kenneth Peacock
The Fortunate Brother door Donna Morrissey
Frommer's Complete Guide: Newfoundland & Labrador door Andrew Hempstead
Galore door Michael Crummey
Genealogist's Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research door Terrence M. Punch
De getekenden door John Wyndham
The Ghost Road door Charis Cotter
Ghosts and oddities door Jack Fitzgerald
Ghosts, heroes, and oddities door Jack Fitzgerald
Glimpses of the Wonderful: The Life of Philip Henry Gosse door Ann Thwaite
De goddelijke Ryans door Wayne Johnston
Great Heart: The History of a Labrador Adventure door James West Davidson
The greatest hunt in the world door George Allan England
Grey Seas Under door Farley Mowat
A guide to sea kayaking in Newfoundland & Labrador door Dan Murphy
The Hangman Is Never Late: Three Centuries of Newfoundland Justice door Jack Fitzgerald
Happy Ending door Sandra Field
Harps of God door Kent Stetson
Haulin Rope and Gaff door Shannon Ryan
Haunted Shores: True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador door Dale Jarvis
Haunted Waters: More True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador door Dale Jarvis
Heart So Hungry: A Woman's Extraordinary Journey into the Labrador Wilderness door Randall Silvis
Het helse rad door Douglas Preston
Heroes of Isle aux Morts door Alice Walsh
Historic Newfoundland door Harold Andrew Horwood
Historic Newfoundland door L.E.F. English
A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk door Ingeborg Marshall
A History of Newfoundland door D. W. Prowse
A history of Newfoundland and Labrador door Frederick William Rowe
A History of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic to 1818 door Shannon Ryan
The History of the British dominions in North America from the first discovery of that vast continent by Sebastian Cabot in 1497, to its present glorious establishment as confirmed by the late treaty of peace in 1763
History of the Government of Nfld door John Reeves
A History of the Isles: Twillingate, New World Island, Fogo Island and Change Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador door Dr. David J. Clarke
A history of the Newfoundland Railway Volume II (1923 - 1988) door A. R. Penney
A History of the Newfoundland Railway, Volume 1 (1881-1923) door A. R. Penney
A history of the Newfoundland Ranger Force door Harold Andrew Horwood
A history of the United States in chronological order: From A.D. 432 to the present time door Robert James Belford
Hold Fast door Kevin Major
The House of Wooden Santas door Kevin Major
Het huis van Baltimore. Roman door Wayne Johnston
I'm Alone door Jack Randell
The Iambics of Newfoundland: Notes from an Unknown Shore door Robert Finch
The Ice Diamond Quest door Eric Wilson
The ice hunters : a history of Newfoundland sealing to 1914 door Shannon Ryan
The Illustrated History of Canada door Robert Craig Brown
The Innocents door Michael Crummey
Jack Fitzgerald's Notebook door Jack Fitzgerald
The Jack Ford Story: Newfoundland's POW in Nagasaki door Jack Fitzgerald
Jackman: The courage of Captain William Jackman, one of Newfoundland's greatest heroes door Eldon Drodge
January, February, June or July door Helen Fogwill Porter
John Cabot and His Son Sebastian door Ronald Syme
John Cabot and Newfoundland door Alan F. Williams
John Cabot and Son door David Goodnough
John Cabot and the Rediscovery of North America door Charles J. Shields
John Cabot: The Discovery of Newfoundland door Bernard D. Fardy
John White's collection of the songs of Johnny Burke door Johnny Burke
Joint management of the Newfoundland fishery door David Allan Vardy
De kabeljauw biografie van de vis die de wereld veranderde door Mark Kurlansky
The Killick: A Newfoundland Story door Geoff Butler
Kindred countries : Canada and Newfoundland before confederation door Malcolm MacLeod
Kit's Law door Donna Morrissey
Kolonie van onvervulde dromen door Wayne Johnston
Labrador by choice door Ben W. Powell
A Land of Dreams: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and the Irish in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Maine, 1880–1923 (NONE) door Patrick Mannion
Lands and Peoples Volume 6: Canada and The United States door Grolier Society
The Last of the Ice Hunters: An Oral History of the Newfoundland Seal Hunt door Shannon Ryan
The Last Stronghold: Scottish Gaelic Traditions in Newfoundland door Margaret Bennett
Lectures on the history of Newfoundland: 1500-1830 (Newfoundland history series) door Keith Matthews
Left to Die: The Story of the SS Newfoundland Sealing Disaster door Gary Collins
Leif the Lucky door Ingri d'Aulaire
Lieutenant Owen William Steele of the Newfoundland Regiment door David R. Facey-Crowther
Life in Elizabethan England door A. H. Dodd
The Life of Captain James Cook door J. C. Beaglehole
Lifeline : the story of the Atlantic ferries and coastal boats door Harry Bruce
The Lindbergh of Canada : the Erroll Boyd story door Ross Smyth
Lions or Jellyfish : Newfoundland-Ottawa Relations since 1957 door Raymond Benjamin Blake
Litter decomposition, biomass, and nutrient concentration in western Newfoundland balsam fir forests door M. T. Moroni
Little Jack and other Newfoundland folktales door J. D. A. Widdowson
A Little Night Murder door J.S. Cook
The Long Run: A Novel door Leo Furey
A Long Ways from Home door Mike Martin
Lost Country: The Rise and Fall of Newfoundland, 1843-1933 door Patrick O'Flaherty
The Lost Voyage of John Cabot door Henry Garfield
The Luminous Sea door Melissa Barbeau
The Lure of the Labrador Wild door Dillon Wallace
Managed Annihilation: An Unnatural History of the Newfoundland Cod Collapse (Nature/History/Society) door Dean Bavington
The Many Landfalls of John Cabot door Peter Edward Pope
Map: Atlantic Provinces / Quebec door AAA
Marine Disasters of Newfoundland and Labrador door J.P. Andrieux
Matthew : the replica of John Cabot's square-rigged caravel in which he discovered his "New Founde Landes" door Steve Martin
McAlpine's gazetteer of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland
Michelin Green Guide Atlantic Canada door Michelin
Mickey and Goofy's Race Around the World (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading) door Walt Disney
Mikwite'imanej Mikmaqi'k door Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq
The miners of Wabana: The story of the iron ore miners of Bell Island (Canada's Atlantic folklore-folklife series) door Gail Weir
Moon Handbooks Atlantic Canada door Mark Morris
Moon Spotlight Newfoundland & Labrador door Andrew Hempstead
Mother/Land door Cheryl Savageau
Moved by the State: Forced Relocation and Making a Good Life in Postwar Canada door Tina Loo
The Mummer's Song door Bud Davidge
The Mystery of Right and Wrong door Wayne Johnston
A narrow passage: Shipwrecks and tragedies in the St. John's Narrows door Rosalind Power
National Geographic Magazine 1929 v56 #1 July door Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor
National Geographic Magazine 1949 v95 #6 June door Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor
National Geographic Magazine 1974 v145 #1 January door Gilbert M. Grosvenor
National Geographic Magazine 1986 v169 #5 May door Wilbur E. Garrett
Nearer than neighbours : Newfoundland & Canada before confederation door Malcolm MacLeod
The New Founde Land door Farley Mowat
New Under the Sun door Kevin Major
The Newfie bullet: The story of train passenger service in Newfoundland door Mont Lingard
Newfoundland door Michael Crummey
Newfoundland door Anthony Hocking
Newfoundland door Harry Beckett
Newfoundland door Ben Hansen
Newfoundland & Labrador (Eye on Canada) door Harry Beckett
Newfoundland (Exploring Canada) door Paul Adams
Newfoundland (The Traveller's Canada) door Harold Andrew Horwood
Newfoundland Adventures: In Air, on Land, at Sea door Jack Fitzgerald
A Newfoundland Alphabet door Dawn Baker
Newfoundland and its untrodden ways door John Guille Millais
Newfoundland and Labrador door Sherman Hines
Newfoundland and Labrador door Ben Hansen
Newfoundland and Labrador door John De Visser
Newfoundland and Labrador door Brian C. Bursey
Newfoundland and Labrador door Faces Magazine
Newfoundland and Labrador (Canadas Land and People) door Harry Beckett
Newfoundland and Labrador Book of Everything: Everything You Wanted to Know About Newfoundland and Labrador and Were Going to Ask Anyway door Martha Walls
Newfoundland and Labrador prehistory door James A. Tuck
Newfoundland And Labrador Studies (2007), V22, N1 door James K. Hiller
Newfoundland and Labrador Studies Vol. 21 No2 door James K. Hiller
Newfoundland and Labrador: A History door Sean Cadigan
Newfoundland Coastal Schedules door Canadian National Railway
Newfoundland datebook : a datebook that's never outdated, good any date, any year door E. Calvin Coish
Newfoundland disasters door Jack Fitzgerald
Newfoundland Fireside Stories door Jack Fitzgerald
Newfoundland Gems door Ben Hansen
The Newfoundland Guide Book door D. W. Prowse
Newfoundland in Story and Picture (Pictured Geographies) door Lois Donaldson
Newfoundland in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries : essays in interpretation door James Hiller
Newfoundland in the North Atlantic World, 1929-1949 door Peter Neary
The Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948/Volume 1: Debates/Volume 2 : Reports and Papers (v. 1) door James Hiller
Newfoundland portfolio door Ben Hansen
Newfoundland Quiz door Coish
The Newfoundland railway 1881-1949 (Newfoundland Historical Society pamphlet) door James K. Hiller
Newfoundland Railway and Coastal Services Pictorial Booklet Series #1 - 6 door Railway Coastal Museum
The Newfoundland Railway, 1898-1969: A History door Les Harding
Newfoundland Ships and Men door Andrew Horwood
Newfoundland Souvenir door John De Visser
Newfoundland Stories and Ballads, Vol. III, No. 1 (Summer-Autumn 1956) door H. Carter
Newfoundland Stories and Ballads, Vol. XX, No. 2 (Winter-Spring 1974): The Viking Disaster door H. Carter
Newfoundland Tapestry door Michael Harrington
The Newfoundland Tongue door Nellie P. Strowbridge
Newfoundland's Era of Corruption: Responsible Government 1855-1933 door Jack Fitzgerald
Newfoundland(oop) (Let's Discover Canada) door Suzanne Levert
Newfoundland-Spanish saltfish trade: 1814-1914 door Shannon Ryan
Newfoundland: a pictorial record; historical prints and illustrations of the Province of Newfoundland, Canada, 1497-1887 door Charles P. De Volpi
Newfoundland; Island Into Province door St John Chadwick
The Newfoundlanders in the Great War: The Western Front, 1916-1918: A Social History and Battlefield Tour door N. M. Christie
Newfoundlanders sing! : A collection of favourite Newfoundland folk songs door Omar Blondahl
Next stop, Wreckhouse: More chats, stats and snaps of the Newfoundland Railway door Mont Lingard
The Nine Lives of Travis Keating door Jill MacLean
No Man's Land door Kevin Major
The Norse Atlantic Saga: Being the Norse Voyages of Discovery and Settlement to Iceland, Greenland, and North America door Gwyn Jones
North America from Earliest Discovery to First Settlements: The Norse Voyages to 1612 door David B. Quinn
Northeast From Baccalieu door John Feltham
Nova Scotia: Including Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador (Gold Guides) door Eugene Fodor
Nursery rhymes of Newfoundland & Labrador door Robin McGrath
The Oakleys Take a Trip : Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and More! door Sandra Oakley-Andrews
Ode to Newfoundland door Geoff Butler
Of men and seals: A history of the Newfoundland seal hunt (Studies in archaeology, architecture, and history) door James E. Candow
Offbeat mystery of Newfoundland and Labrador door Michael Harrington
Old and young ahead door Abram Kean
Old Newfoundland: A History to 1843 door Patrich O'Flaherty
OLD TIME SONGS AND POETRY OF NEWFOUNDLAND - Songs of the People from the Days of Our Forefathers door Gerald S. Doyle Ltd.
Old-Time Songs and Poetry of Newfoundland door Gerald S. Doyle
Old-Time Songs of Newfoundland door Gerald S. Doyle
The Oldest City: The Story of St. John's Newfoundland door Paul O'Neill
On sloping ground : reminiscences of outport life in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland door Aubrey M. Tizzard
One for Sorrow door Mary C. Sheppard
One Hundred Outports door Ben Hansen
De ontvoering door Mette Newth
Open door Lisa Moore
An Orange from Portugal: Christmas Stories from the Maritimes and Newfoundland door Anne Simpson
Our Homesick Songs door Emma Hooper
Out of the Dark door Welwyn Wilton Katz
The Outport People door Claire Mowat
The Oxford History of the British Empire, Volume 1 : The Origins of Empire: British Overseas Enterprise to the Close of the Seventeenth Century door Nicholas P. Canny
Part of the Main: An Illustrated History of Newfoundland & Labrador door Peter Neary
The Pelican History of Canada door Kenneth McNaught
The Penguin History of Canada door Robert Bothwell
The people's road: On the trail of the Newfoundland railway door Wade Kearley
Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter's Companion (Ologies) door Captain William Lubber
Planting Dandelions: Field Notes From a Semi-Domesticated Life door Kyran Pittman
Points of View door Rex Murphy
The Political economy of Newfoundland, 1929-1972 (Issues in Canadian history) door Peter Neary
Politics in Newfoundland door S J R Noel
Postage Stamps and Postal History of Newfoundland door Winthrop Smillie Boggs
Postage Stamps and Postal History of Newfoundland : Offered on the Instructions of Dr. Chan Chin Cheung, F.R.P.S., L. of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia door Christie's
The Postage Stamps, Envelopes, Wrappers, and Post Cards of the North American Colonies of Great Britain door Royal Philatelic Society of London
The Premiers Joey and Frank: Greed, Power, and Lust door Bill Rowe
The Present Tense of Prinny Murphy door Jill MacLean
Prime Ministers of Newfoundland door Michael Harrington
Quebec [and] Newfoundland [map] door National Geographic
The Queen of Peace Room (Life Writing) door Magie Dominic
Quiet Time door Katherine Alexandra Harvey
Random Passage door Bernice Morgan
Random thoughts : Newfoundland paintings and verse door S. Robert Cooper
Rare Ambition door Michael Harris
Rare Birds door Edward Riche
Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World : Featuring Great Britain 1840 1d Block of Ten First Day Cover, the Original Perkins Bacon Printer's Supply Book, 1840 1d/2d Combination Covers, Mauritius 1849 2d 'MAURITUS' and 'MAURITUIS" Spelling Errors, Bermuda, Newfoundland Airs, British Africa Including Niger Coast : 24th June 1998 door Stanley Gibbons Auctions
Rarities of the world door Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries
Rarities of the World : The Property of Various Owners Sold by Their Order at Public Auction, Saturday, April 5th, 1986 at 1:00 P.M., at the New York Helmsley Knickerbocker, Suite "D," Third Avenue and Forty Second Street, New York, NY door Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries
Rattles and Steadies: Memoirs of a Gander River Man (Canada's Atlantic Folklore-Folklife Series) door Gary L. Saunders
Recent discoveries in the Newfoundland flora door Merritt Lyndon Fernald
Remarkable stories of Newfoundland door Jack Fitzgerald
Remembering Diana : The Royal Visit to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island
Rhododendrons in the Atlantic Provinces door Donald L. Craig
The Rise of Animals: Evolution and Diversification of the Kingdom Animalia door Mikhail A. Fedonkin
River Thieves door Michael Crummey
Rock and Mineral Collecting in Canada Volume III New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland door Ann P. Sabina
The rock observed : studies in the literature of Newfoundland door Patrick O'Flaherty
Rockbound door Frank Parker Day
Rogues and branding irons door Jack Fitzgerald
Rogues and Heroes door Paul Butler
The Rossiter File door Thomas Rendell Curran
The Rule of the Admirals: Law, Custom, and Naval Government in Newfoundland, 1699-1832 (Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History) door Jerry Bannister
S. S. Eagle : The Secret Mission, 1944-45 door Harold Squires
S. S. Terra Nova (1884-1943): From the Arctic to the Antarctic, Whaler, Sealer and Polar Exploration Ship door Michael Tarver
Sailor: The Hangashore Newfoundland Dog door Catherine Simpson
Sails of the Maritimes door John P. Parker
Saltwater Mittens from the Island of Newfoundland door Christine LeGrow
Scenic Driving Atlantic Canada door Chloe Ernst
Scheepsberichten door E. Annie Proulx
Sea Stories from Newfoundland door Michael Harrington
Sealing steamers door John Feltham
Seals and sealers : a pictorial history of the Newfoundland seal fishery based on the Cater Andrews collection door Shannon Ryan
A seaport legacy door Paul O'Neill
Secret of the Night Ponies door Joan Hiatt Harlow
Seldom Come By door Ms Sherryl Caulfield
Servants of the Fish: A Portrait of Newfoundland After the Great Cod Collapse door Myron Arms
Seven for a Secret: A Novel door Mary C. Sheppard
The Sheep Blowfly and Its Control in Newfoundland door Ray F. Morris
Shipwrecks of Newfoundland and Labrador door Frank Galgay
Shipwrecks of Newfoundland and Labrador door Frank Galgay
A Short History of Newfoundland and Labrador door Newfoundland Historical Society
A short history of Newfoundland and Labrador door Edward A. Whitcomb
A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the North Atlantic Coast: Cape Cod to Newfoundland door Michael Berrill
Signal Hill - An Illustrated History door Cam Mustard
Sing around this one...Songs of Newfoundland & Labrador Vol. 2 door Eric West
Six months of a Newfoundland missionary's journal, from February to August 1835 door Archdeacon Edward Wix
The Smallwood era door Frederick W. Rowe
Smallwood: The Unlikely Revolutionary door Richard Gwyn
Smeltbreedtes door Joan Clark
So longe as there comes noe women: Origins of English settlement in Newfoundland door W. Gordon Handcock
Son of a Critch: A Childish Newfoundland Memoir door Mark Critch
Songs of Newfoundland door Ltd. Bennett Brewing Co
Songs of the Newfoundland outports door Kenneth Peacock
Southeastern Newfoundland marine resources : a literature review door LeDrew Environmental Management Ltd.,
Speeches and documents on the British dominions, 1918-1931; from self-government to national sovereignty door Arthur Berriedale Keithas Newfoundland, a seperate Dominion
Spider Legs door Piers Anthony
The Spring Rice Document: Newfoundland at War 1914 - 1918 door Jack Fitzgerald
SPV's Comprehensive Railroad Atlas of North America: Quebec & Labrador and Newfoundland by Mike Walker (2010-08-02) door Mike Walker
The SS Ethie And The Hero Dog: The Mystery Is Solved door Bruce Ricketts
Star in the Storm door Joan Hiatt Harlow
Stolen Away door Christopher Dinsdale
Stormy Cove door Bernadette Calonego
The Story of Labrador door Bill Rompkey
The Story of Newfoundland door Frederick Edwin Smith Birkenhead
Strange and curious : unusual Newfoundland stories door Otto Kelland
Strange but True Newfoundland Stories door Jack Fitzgerald
Strange Saint door Andrew Beahrs
Strange Terrain: The Fairy World in Newfoundland door Barbara Rieti
Studies in Newfoundland Folklore: Community and Process (Canada's Atlantic Folklore and Folklore Series) door Gerald Thomas
Surficial Geology, Coastal Waters, Island of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador door J. Shaw
Suspended State: Newfoundland Before Canada (Newfoundland History Series) door Gene Long
Sweetland door Michael Crummey
Sylvanus Now door Donna Morrissey
Symbols of Canada door Canadian Heritage
Tales from Dog Island door Françoise Enguehard
Tales from Dog Island: St. Pierre et Miquelon
The Taste of Empire: How Britain's Quest for Food Shaped the Modern World door Lizzie Collingham
Ten steps to the gallows door Jack Fitzgerald
Terry door Douglas Coupland
Theatre of Fish: Travels Through Newfoundland and Labrador door John Gimlette
This Is Not the Mainland : A Novel Tour of Newfoundland and Labrador door Rannie Gillis
This Marvellous Terrible Place: Images of Newfoundland and Labrador door Yva Momatiuk
This Rock Within the Sea: a Heritage Lost door Farley Mowat
Thunder from the Sea door Joan Hiatt Harlow
Titanic: Destination Disaster door John P. Eaton
To Go Upon Discovery : James Cook and Canada, from 1758 to 1779 door Victor Suthren
Tobin on Tobin: The life of Brian in Cartoons door Kevin Tobin
Today I Learned It Was You door Edward Riche
Too many parties, too many pals door Jack Fitzgerald
Toponymy of the Island of Newfoundland: Checklist No. 1 &2 door E. R. Seary
Tourbook guide. Atlantic Provinces & Québec. New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, 2016
Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge door Pam Hall
The Town That Forgot How to Breathe door Kenneth J. Harvey
Traditional Recipes of Atlantic Canada - Newfoundland 5 door Ultramar
Trans Canada Trail Newfoundland door Sue Lebrecht
The Travels of John & Sebastian Cabot door Joanne Mattern
Trees and Shrubs of Newfoundland and Labrador: Field Guide door Todd Boland
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Tuning the Rig: A Journey to the Arctic door Harvey Oxenhorn
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A Twist of Fortune door Mike Martin
Undertow door Thomas Rendell Curran
Untold Stories: Mysteries of Newfoundland and Labrador door Jack Fitzgerald
The Viking Discovery of America: The Excavation of a Norse Settlement in L'Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland door Helge Ingstad
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A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World door Tony Horwitz
The Voyage of the Matthew: John Cabot and the Discovery of America door P. L. Firstbrook
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Waiting for Time door Bernice Morgan
Wake of the Great Sealers door Farley Mowat
The Walker on the Cape door Mike Martin
The War Against the Seals: A History of the North American Seal Fishery door Briton Cooper Busch
Weathering the Storm : Sverre Petterssen, the D-Day Forecast, and the Rise of Modern Meteorology door Sverre Petterssen
Western Newfoundland and Gros Morne National Park door Brian C. Bursey
A Whale for the Killing door Farley Mowat
Where Angels Fear to Tread door Jack Fitzgerald
White tie and decorations : Sir John and Lady Hope Simpson in Newfoundland, 1934-1936 door John Hope Simpson
Who Killed the Grand Banks: The Untold Story Behind the Decimation of One of the World's Greatest Natural Resources door Alex Rose
Wikingersegel vor Amerika door Fritz-Otto Busch
Will Anyone Search for Danny door Earl B. Pilgrim
Winter in Tilting : slide hauling in a Newfoundland outport door Robert Mellin
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Writing the Sea door Cassie Brown
De zeevaarder uit New York door Wayne Johnston