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De kronieken van Narnia

door C. S. Lewis

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Reeksen: De Kronieken van Narnia (1-7), Die Chroniken von Narnia (1-7)

LedenBesprekingenPopulariteitGemiddelde beoordelingDiscussies / Aanhalingen
30,30528270 (4.26)1 / 318
Tells the tales of Narnia, a magical, fantastic place where good and evil battle, children have adventures as kings and queens, and beasts and creatures can talk.
  1. 140
    The Earthsea Quartet door Ursula K. Le Guin (ed.pendragon)
    ed.pendragon: There is magic and there are journeys, mythical beasts and young protagonists, moral judgements to be made and courage to be demonstrated; while the language is more adult, Earthsea is as vivid a world as Narnia and a place you will want to re-visit.
  2. 71
    The Abhorsen Trilogy Box Set door Garth Nix (ed.pendragon)
    ed.pendragon: This is a rather darker version on the same door-between-the-worlds theme, where the magic resides in the north of a thinly-disguised United Kingdom reached by way of a Wall.
  3. 40
    De Roodburcht door Brian Jacques (MarcusBrutus)
    MarcusBrutus: fantasy/talking animals
  4. 40
    Het boek van de vale koe door Walter Jr. Wangerin (jpers36)
  5. 74
    De wind in de wilgen door Kenneth Grahame (atimco)
    atimco: Both Narnia and Willows feature anthropomorphized animal heroes who nevertheless retain the quirks of their species. The narrative voice is humorous and quintessentially British. Both stories also include spiritual/religious undertones. Willows predates Narnia by over forty years and was a big influence on Lewis (he even wrote a poem with some of Grahame's characters in it).… (meer)
  6. 42
    De magiërs door Lev Grossman (Jannes)
    Jannes: The Magicians would not exist if it wasn't for the Narnia books, and is the kind of loving deconstruction of Lewis' work and the importance us readers places in it that you will either love or hate. Give it a try.
  7. 1513
    De Noorderlicht-trilogie door Philip Pullman (guurtjesboekenkast, BrileyOC)
    BrileyOC: Both series provide excellent fantastical escapism as well as profound (though different) religious viewpoints.
  8. 20
    The Tower of Geburah door John White (lavonnas)
  9. 20
    The Dark is Rising Sequence door Susan Cooper (amanda4242)
  10. 10
    The Archives of Anthropos (Set of 4) door John White (palaephata)
    palaephata: This series (there are really six) is another portal fiction that displays subtle Christian allegory. There's more fighting and less exploration of the world in White, and the reading level and content are just a little higher than that in Lewis. I'd read them about a year later.… (meer)
  11. 10
    Morning Child door Harold Myra (juniperSun)
    juniperSun: both have young people involved in the choice of good and evil, touched by meeting a loving guide/spirit.
  12. 21
    Wildwoud door Colin Meloy (cdcottam1)
    cdcottam1: Both works are beautifully mystical and fantastical! Wildwood has many of the fantastical themes of Narnia without the blatantly religious undertones while still containing good moral lessons.
  13. 11
    Santa Olivia door Jacqueline Carey (whitewavedarling)
    whitewavedarling: Santa Olivia is admittedly for a more adult-based audience, but themes, situations, and character types carry over between the works enough (plus a light integration of religion) that I think the readers of one work set would be well suited for the other.… (meer)
  14. 11
    The Chronicles of Sapta Sindhu door Kala Aporva (akheel)
    akheel: both the books chronicles the fate of their respective kingdoms and tell us a tale of valor to rise against evil.
  15. 11
    Waterschapsheuvel door Richard Adams (MarcusBrutus)
    MarcusBrutus: fantasy/talking animals
1940s (209)
Robin (4)
1950s (319)
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Case 15 shelf 2
  semoffat | Sep 1, 2021 |
Case 13 shelf 6
  semoffat | Aug 31, 2021 |
I would fake sick to stay home and read these. Actually, maybe I'll do that again...

I still love it. ( )
  LibroLindsay | Jun 18, 2021 |
It starts with a blast! The Magician's Nephew is by far the best story of the collection, I enjoyed it tremendously. Not only it is beautifully written but also flawlessly delivered by Kenneth Branagh, whose voice adds another dimension to the great cast of characters. This book alone is worth one Audible credit. Getting all 7 Narnia books at this price quite a bargain!

I was impressed by the way the author writes children characters, especially in The Magician's Nephew. They are far from perfect, sometimes can be mean and aggressive, and even though they can't explain or name all the feelings they go through, eventually learn and grow to overcome their flaws. Children are much more complex and their relationships more interesting than any adult portrayed in these stories which I find so perfectly suitable.

Unfortunately, further books lose some of their charm I remembered from my childhood. Maybe the connection they make with the real world and the author's views that are not very compatible with XXI century sensitivity makes them age more visibly than typically fantasy books of that time (e.g. Tolkien's). Also, their structure and frequent Deus ex machina resolutions are more annoying when reread in adulthood.

I felt like each next story is a bit less interesting and seemed longer and more mundane than necessary. Narrators do their best to keep listeners engaged, especially Derek Jacobi and Patrick Stewart, but despite their efforts by The Last Battle it becomes a bit of a drag. Overall, it's still a classic, that's worth time and taking in slowly as Narnia is a great place to revisit from time to time. ( )
  sperzdechly | Jun 1, 2021 |
I would have given it 4 stars but it's a little too preachy. ( )
  Aetherson | Apr 26, 2021 |
1-5 van 281 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)

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AuteursnaamRolType auteurWerk?Status
C. S. Lewisprimaire auteuralle editiesberekend
Baynes, PaulineIllustratorSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Bovenkamp-Gordeau, Madeleine van denVertalerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Branagh, KennethVertellerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Gresham, DouglasIntroductieSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Hämäläinen, KyllikkiVertalerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Helakisa, KaarinaVertalerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Jacobi, DerekVertellerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Jennings, AlexVertellerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Nielsen, CliffArtiest omslagafbeeldingSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Northam, JeremyVertellerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Redgrave, LynnVertellerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Stewart, PatrickVertellerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Van Allsburg, ChrisArtiest omslagafbeeldingSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
York, MichaelVertellerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd

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There is a story about something that happened long ago when your grandfather was a child. (From The Magician's Nephew, first in chronological order)
Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. (From The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, first in publication order)
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Unabridged. Please do NOT combine with any abridged edition.

Contents: Magician's nephew -- Lion, the witch and the wardrobe -- Horse and his boy -- Prince Caspian -- Voyage of the Dawn Treader -- Silver chair -- Last battle.

Collection includes all seven unabridged novels in the series.

The edition with the ISBN 1856058387, while titled simply The Chronicles of Narnia, is actually only a 3-volume omnibus and should not be combined onto this page.
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Tells the tales of Narnia, a magical, fantastic place where good and evil battle, children have adventures as kings and queens, and beasts and creatures can talk.

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Al meer dan vijftig jaar heeft het land van Narnia miljoenen lezers over de hele wereld in zijn macht. Dit betoverend mooie boek zal velen, zeker ook jonge kinderen aanspreken. Welkom in het land waarin meer sprekende dieren dan mensen wonen. Waar je Lucy, Susan, Peter en Edmund en Prins Caspian ontmoet en niet te vergeten de leeuw Aslan.

Clive Staples Lewis was reeds vanaf zijn kindertijd gefascineerd door sprookjes, oude legendes en mythologische vertellingen. Op zijn zestiende creëerde hij reeds een faun die zich met een paraplu en een pakketje onder zijn arm verplaatste in een met sneeuw bedenkt bos. Jaren later kreeg de faun gezelschap van een witte heks en een geweldige leeuw. Hun verhaal werd De Leeuw, de Heks en de Kleerkast, een boek dat een everseller werld all over the World. Inmiddels is dit verhaal succesvol verfilmd door Walt Disney/Walden Media. Zes andere delen volgden. Vanwege het grote succes van de eerste film wordt er nu druk gewerkt aan een volgende film Prince Caspian. Miljoenen exemplaren zijn reeds wereldwijd verkocht van de Kronieken van Narnia. Ze hebben nog steeds die grote verbeeldingskracht die velen aanspreekt.
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