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Kate Chopin (1850–1904)

Auteur van De ontnuchtering

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Kate Chopin was born Katherine O'Flaherty in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 8, 1851. Although she was brought up in a wealthy and socially elite Catholic family, Chopin's childhood was marred by tragedies. Her father was killed in a train accident when Chopin was just four years old, and in the toon meer following years she also lost her older brother, great-grandmother, and half-brother. In 1870, at the age of 19, she married Oscar Chopin, the son of a wealthy cotton-growing family in Louisiana. The couple had seven children together, five boys and two girls, before Oscar died of swamp fever in 1883. The following year, Chopin packed up her family and moved back to St. Louis to be with her mother, who died just a year later. To support herself and her family, Chopin started to write. Her first novel, At Fault, was published in 1890. Her most famous work, The Awakening, inspired by a real-life New Orleans woman who committed adultery, was published in 1899. The book explores the social and psychological consequences of a woman caught in an unhappy marriage in 19th century America, is now considered a classic of the feminist movement and caused such an uproar in the community that Chopin almost entirely gave up writing. Chopin did try her hand at a few short stories, most of which were not even published. Chopin died on August 22, 1904, of a brain hemorrhage, after collapsing at the World's Fair just two days before. (Bowker Author Biography) toon minder
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The Awakening and Selected Stories (1899) 1,180 exemplaren
The Awakening and Selected Stories (1899) 379 exemplaren
The Awakening [Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism] (1993) — Auteur — 326 exemplaren
The Story of an Hour [short story] (1894) 220 exemplaren
A Vocation and a Voice: Stories (1991) 187 exemplaren
At Fault (1890) 117 exemplaren
The Kiss and Other Stories (1995) 94 exemplaren
Bayou Folk and A Night in Acadie (1999) 90 exemplaren
Desiree's Baby [short story] (1994) 52 exemplaren
American Women Writers (1983) 48 exemplaren
Portraits (1979) 42 exemplaren
Bayou Folk (1894) 26 exemplaren
Awakening and Other Stories (2014) 25 exemplaren
The Storm (2002) 23 exemplaren
A Night in Acadie (1897) 13 exemplaren
Classic Women's Short Stories (2001) 13 exemplaren
The Locket [short story] (2015) 10 exemplaren
Ma'ame Pélagie [short story] (2013) 8 exemplaren
Kate Chopin's Private Papers (1998) 7 exemplaren
Uyanış (2019) 7 exemplaren
Despertar y otros relatos, El (2011) 6 exemplaren
The Kiss [short story] (2015) — Auteur — 6 exemplaren
La culpa (2016) 5 exemplaren
Virgumine (2002) 4 exemplaren
Désirée laps ja teisi jutte (2023) 3 exemplaren
At the 'Cadian Ball 3 exemplaren
Regret (1995) 3 exemplaren
The Awakening and Other Stories (2008) 3 exemplaren
Beyond the Bayou [short story] (2014) 3 exemplaren
Il sogno di un᾽ora 3 exemplaren
The Short Story and You. (1999) 3 exemplaren
O Despertar 3 exemplaren
Ozeme's Holiday (1995) 2 exemplaren
L'Eveil (1990) 2 exemplaren
L'EVEIL (2018) 2 exemplaren
La cigarette égyptienne (1995) 2 exemplaren
A Reflection [short story] (2017) 2 exemplaren
O Beijo 2 exemplaren
The Storm, At The 'Cadian Ball (2008) 2 exemplaren
Nine Stories (2022) 2 exemplaren
Geen titel 2 exemplaren
An Idle Fellow (2019) 2 exemplaren
Bedtime Reading: The Awakening (2002) 1 exemplaar
Kate Chopin Miscellany (1979) 1 exemplaar
“Lilacs” 1 exemplaar
Women stories (1999) 1 exemplaar
Meias de Seda 1 exemplaar
Sous le ciel de l'été (2009) 1 exemplaar
Complete Works of Kate Chopin (2013) 1 exemplaar
The Kate Chopin Collection (2016) 1 exemplaar
En kvinde vågner 1 exemplaar
Short Fiction 1 exemplaar
Five stories of an hour (1988) 1 exemplaar
Louisiana Stories (2003) 1 exemplaar

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Algemene kennis

Gangbare naam
Chopin, Kate
Officiële naam
O'Flaherty, Katherine
Pseudoniemen en naamsvarianten
Chopin, Kate
Calvary Vemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Plaats van overlijden
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Oorzaak van overlijden
brain hemorrhage
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Grand Coteau, Louisiana, USA
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, USA
Sacred Heart Academy, St. Louis
short story writer
Wednesday Club
Prijzen en onderscheidingen
St. Louis Walk of Fame
Korte biografie
Katherine O’Flaherty was the daughter of an Irish immigrant father and a French-Creole mother. She was educated at the St. Louis Sacred Heart Academy and then made a debut into Southern society. In 1870, she married Oscar Chopin, a cotton trader from Louisiana, and the couple had six children. Widowed in 1882, and needing to support herself and her young children, Kate Chopin began to write sketches of her former plantation life, which appeared in periodicals such as Bayou Folk. These received immediate acclaim, as did her first novel At Fault (1890). Kate Chopin published two novels and about 100 short stories in the 1890s. Most of her fiction was set in Louisiana and her best-known work focuses on the lives of sensitive, intelligent women. Her short stories were most popular in her own day and appeared in some of America's most prestigious magazines. After her death her work was temporarily forgotten, but then in the 1920s her short stories began to appear in anthologies, and the public and literary scholars again began to take notice of her.



Inhoudelijk staat het boek(je) ver van de hedendaagse moraal en dito omgangsvormen. Als je daarvan kan loskomen lees je een begrijpelijke evolutie van een door de toenmalige tijd burgerlijk geconditioneerde jonge vrouw tot een vrouw die zich vrijer wil denken. Begrijpelijk dat het boek bij verschijnen (1899) controversieel was.
Ondanks dit jaartal leest het vrij vlot en kan het in één adem uitgelezen worden.
Ondanks dit alles vind ik het geen 'meesterwerk'.
PatrickDeruytter | 177 andere besprekingen | Feb 27, 2012 |


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