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De grote Gatsby (1925)

door F. Scott Fitzgerald

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LedenBesprekingenPopulariteitGemiddelde beoordelingDiscussies / Aanhalingen
67,122109213 (3.85)4 / 1272
After the Great War, the mysterious Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, pursues wealth, riches and the lady he lost to another man with stoic determination. He buys a mansion across from her house and throws lavish parties to entice her. When Gatsby finally does reunite with Daisy Buchanan, tragic events are set in motion. Told through the eyes of his detached and omnipresent neighbour and friend, Nick Carraway, Fitzgerald's succinct and powerful prose hints at the destruction and tragedy that awaits.… (meer)
  1. 166
    En de zon gaat op door Ernest Hemingway (themephi, sturlington)
    sturlington: Great novels of the Jazz Age.
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    Slachthuis vijf, of De kinderkruistocht een verplichte dans met de dood door Kurt Vonnegut (chwiggy)
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    Flappers, Flasks and Foul Play door Ellen Mansoor Collier (TomWaitsTables)
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    Het rood en het zwart door Stendhal (CGlanovsky)
    CGlanovsky: Shady social upstarts rising to prominence in societies dealing with fundamental class upheaval and entertaining romantic aspirations outside their traditional spheres.
  5. 31
    The Green Hat door Michael Arlen (Rebeki)
    Rebeki: Also narrated by a shadowy "outsider" figure and set in the glamorous 1920s.
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    Kijk naar mij door Anita Brookner (KayCliff)
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    Het grote avontuur door Alain-Fournier (mountebank)
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    Het huis van vreugde door Edith Wharton (kara.shamy)
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    Afscheid van Berlijn door Christopher Isherwood (LottaBerling)
  10. 10
    The Spoils of Poynton door Henry James (lottpoet)
    lottpoet: similarly has a peripheral narrator showing rich people behaving badly about some of the strangest things
  11. 10
    Tuin aan zee door Mercè Rodoreda (bluepiano)
    bluepiano: Garden by the Sea is set in same period & similar milieu & leaves behind a deeper impression.
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    A Whistling Woman door A. S. Byatt (KayCliff)
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    Trust door Cynthia Ozick (citygirl)
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    A Hundred Summers door Beatriz Williams (FFortuna)
  15. 00
    Een Amerikaanse tragedie door Theodore Dreiser (Anonieme gebruiker)
    Anonieme gebruiker: Ten times longer, a hundred times harder to read, and a thousand times greater than Fitzgerald's lame and hysterical melodrama. Published only eight months later and nowadays largely forgotten, Dreiser's magnum opus is a much more powerful depiction of the rich and poor in America of the 1920s.… (meer)
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    De kleeren maken den man door Gottfried Keller (chwiggy)
  17. 11
    De pop door Bolesław Prus (sirparsifal)
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    Death of a Salesman door Arthur Miller (FFortuna)
  19. 00
    Entitlement door Jonathan Bennett (ShelfMonkey)
  20. 11
    Linden Hills door Gloria Naylor (lottpoet)
    lottpoet: This book features a well-off family, pillars of the community, taking things to quite tragic lengths. It follows an African-American family and so adds colorism and racism to the mix.

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Ik heb genoten van de prachtige zinnen.
En ik heb 136 nieuwe Engelse woorden en frasen geleerd. ( )
  stafhorst | Feb 18, 2023 |
Het verhaal speelt zich af op Long Island en in New York City gedurende de zomer van 1922. Dit is de periode van de roaring twenties en de drooglegging.Zeer prachtige romaan. ( )
  ekaterinas | Nov 21, 2013 |
Een mooi boek, erg poëtisch. Een romantisch-realistisch verhaal. Veel symboliek, constructie. Moet eigenlijk een tweede keer worden gelezen. ( )
  M.J.Meeuwsen | Jul 15, 2012 |
De figuur Gatsby: eigenlijk heel negatief, maar toch sympathiek want passioneel; inhoudsloos leven in functie van obsesssie: liefde voor Daisy. Doordesemd van melancholie. Typische Scott Fitzgerald: Jazz Age, jetset. Opmerkelijk: de ik-figuur spreekt geen oordeel uit, registreert, maar geleidelijk aan toch opinievorming ( )
1 stem bookomaniac | May 22, 2010 |
Toon 4 van 4
The Great Gatsby is a romance novel that written by American Author F.Scott Fitzgerald.This novel is talk about the New Yorker in 1900s.The Great Gatsby is a classic piece of American fiction. It is a novel full of triumph and tragedy.Nick Carraway is the narrator, or storyteller, of The Great Gatsby, but he is not the story's protagonist, or main character. Instead, Jay Gatsby is the protagonist of the novel that bears his name. Tom Buchanan is the book's antagonist, opposing Gatsby's attempts to get what he wants: Tom's wife Daisy.

The weakness of this book is they using the classic languange and a little difficult to understand.The weakness also about Gatsby affection to Daisy,He spends that money on lavish parties in the hopes that she will show up.When she finally spends time with him, for the first time in many years, he naively believes that she will leave Tom for him but,unfortunately she is not.

However,the strength of this book is the writer are using the unique title so the reader are feel sympathy and curious about it, also the characteristic about Jay Gatsby that teach the reader many lesson.

To conclude,this book is the very recommended book,especially High School students because Fitzgerald’s novel is a portal to the savage heart of the human spirit, and wonders at our enormous capacity to dream, to imagine, to hope and to persevere.
toegevoegd door Billy_Kululu | bewerkMedia Indonesia, Billy Kululu (Dec 2, 2016)
The great Gatsby is truly a romance book like no other.F.SCOTT.Switzgerald describing about the life of New Yorker in 1900s.This novel is very popular many students if high school are required by their teachers to read this book.The narrator of The Great Gatsby is a young man from Minnesota named Nick Carraway. He not only narrates the story but casts himself as the book’s author.As ive read about this book,Gatsby’s personality was nothing short of “gorgeous.”

moreover,the weakness about this book is hard to understand if u are not really pay attention on it.this novel is about a contradiction,Gatsby's idealism makes him blind.He doesn't see that Daisy can't have love and money, just money. Gatsby can't turn back time.He even doesn't see death coming toward him.

However,the strength of this book something quite different from others,it is the charm and beauty of writing,has many important meanings that should be learned early on in life.

To conclude,what i can say is don't be too obsessed just because you have so much money,money ain't last forever.but overall its a magnificent,fantastically, entertaining and enthralling story.
toegevoegd door Nadilla-Syawie | bewerkThe New York Times, Nadilla Syawie (Dec 1, 2016)
"The Great Gatsby" is in form no more than a glorified anecdote, and not too probable at that

What gives the story distinction is something quite different from the management of the action or the handling of the characters; it is the charm and beauty of the writing.
toegevoegd door danielx | bewerkChicago Tribune, HL Mencken (Jan 23, 2015)
I find Gatsby aesthetically overrated, psychologically vacant, and morally complacent; I think we kid ourselves about the lessons it contains. None of this would matter much to me if Gatsby were not also sacrosanct.

There is the convoluted moral logic, simultaneously Romantic and Machiavellian, by which the most epically crooked character in the book is the one we are commanded to admire. There’s the command itself: the controlling need to tell us what to think, both in and about the book. There’s the blanket embrace of that great American delusion by which wealth, poverty, and class itself stem from private virtue and vice. There’s Fitzgerald’s unthinking commitment to a gender order so archaic as to be Premodern: corrupt woman occasioning the fall of man. There is, relatedly, the travesty of his female characters—single parenthesis every one, thoughtless and thin. (Don’t talk to me about the standards of his time; the man hell-bent on being the voice of his generation was a contemporary of Dorothy Parker, Gertrude Stein, and Virginia Woolf, not to mention the great groundswell of activists who achieved the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. Yet here he is in A Short Autobiography: “Women learn best not from books or from their own dreams but from reality and from contact with first-class men.”)
toegevoegd door danielx | bewerkVulture, Kathryn Schultz (Jul 4, 2013)

It is an impressive accomplishment. And yet, apart from the restrained, intelligent, beautifully constructed opening pages and a few stray passages thereafter—a melancholy twilight walk in Manhattan; some billowing curtains settling into place at the closing of a drawing-room door—Gatsby as a literary creation leaves me cold. Like one of those manicured European parks patrolled on all sides by officious gendarmes, it is pleasant to look at, but you will not find any people inside.

Indeed, The Great Gatsby is less involved with human emotion than any book of comparable fame I can think of. None of its characters are likable. None of them are even dislikable, though nearly all of them are despicable. They function here only as types, walking through the pages of the book like kids in a school play who wear sashes telling the audience what they represent: OLD MONEY, THE AMERICAN DREAM, ORGANIZED CRIME.
toegevoegd door Nickelini | bewerkNew York Magazine, Kathryn Shultz (May 13, 2013)

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Olzon, GöstaVertalerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Pauley, JaneVertellerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Pivano, FernandaVertalerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Prigozy, RuthRedacteurSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Reynolds, GuyIntroductieSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
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Tredell, NicolasRedacteurSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
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Wolff, Lutz-W.VertalerSecundaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd

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After the Great War, the mysterious Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, pursues wealth, riches and the lady he lost to another man with stoic determination. He buys a mansion across from her house and throws lavish parties to entice her. When Gatsby finally does reunite with Daisy Buchanan, tragic events are set in motion. Told through the eyes of his detached and omnipresent neighbour and friend, Nick Carraway, Fitzgerald's succinct and powerful prose hints at the destruction and tragedy that awaits.

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